Sunday, September 7, 2008

New tv show obcession!

I decided to try out the Tv show Bones (like I don't have enough tv shows I watch). I love the forensic and my best friend in school, her dad was a forensic entomologist. He had some of the coolest stories and pictures/slides that he showed. I was just amazed by it all. Anyway, off track. I finished the first season of bones. I just LOVE it. I ended up watched 6 hours total of bones yesterday and last night. I have gotten myself on this weekend pattern where I get 2 dics on Saturday (netflix) and then watch them and have to wait till monday to mail them out and then I don't get any until Wednesday. It feels like such a long wait.

My plan is to be ready to watch season 3 when it comes out in November (why did they wait so long to bring it to dvd when the season 4 premire was this past week?) and I'm DVR the 4th season so I can catch right up.

The series is just great. I love the chemistry between Bones and Booth. I am anxiously awaiting the moment they finally DO something *giggle*. Ahhh I'm such a romantic!

So there, I've admitted it. I'm obcessed with the TV show bones!


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