Monday, September 8, 2008

Savannah Comes undone.

This was the 2nd book in the Savannah series. Personally, I thought it was better than the first one! It amazes me how the auther (Denise Hildreth) is able to draw me into the book so well. The time frame of this book is about a week. It's amazing how much Savannah realizes. What really gets me, is how much she had overlooked as it was actually happening. But when she sits down to evaluate it all, it just falls into place.

The auther does a great job at making you realize all the little things we take for granted. That living isn't just about living, it's about being. How each experience, good or bad, allows you to grow as a person. Savannah doesn't see her mother in the same light anymore. She isn't just her mother, she's a woman, a person. I think there comes a point in a child's life when the parent has to change roles. They are no longer the parent in the sense that they are there to keep you safe, watch over you and love you. Their role has to change. I think that's what Savannah is finally learning. She sees her mother as a person.

I hope I read more about Joshua in the next book :) I like his character and he really is a good balance for Savannah. He really knows what buttons to push with her! *giggle*.

My library doesn't have the next book "Savannah by the sea" and I'm on the waitlist on my site. So I'll patiently wait for the next book to become available!

Wonder what I'll read next!


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