Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh the aches and pains!

I feel like such a big baby these days! My back and belly always hurt! It doesn't matter if I spend the day laying around or if I'm up and moving! It's amazing how a 1lb baby (23 weeks tomorrow) can cause so many aches and pains!

The little skittle kicks and moves all day long. I feel like maybe it's taken up acrobatics in my stomach! Mikie sits with me and we just watch my belly. It looks like jelly! It's just amazing to me! Last night he laid his arm across my belly when we were cuddling and the baby just kicked and kicked. The skittle must not of liked the pressure Mikie was putting on my belly or the skittle isn't interested in sharing it's mommy!

Ahh I've taken my warm bath and now it's time to lay on the heating pad. Hopefully the Mylanta will have kicked in and I don't feel like the fire breathing dragon when I lay down!

I guess I'm just not one of those women that just feel splended with they are pregnant. Can I be done, yet?


Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 year ago today.

Just taking a moment to reflect on the fact we lost baby number 2, one year ago today. Tomorrow's a new day!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 and a half months!

Today I'm 22 weeks or 5 and a half months. I'm definitely feeling pregnant! Some of the aches and pains have started to go away (praise God for that!). The heartburn has started, which is always a lovely feeling! The baby kicks all the time and Mikie is amused to sit and watch my belly move. Lane has felt the baby move once and he wanted to know if the baby was jumping up and down! He was even concerned enough to ask me if it hurt!

The weather has surely gotten warm here. It was near 90. I finally had to turn the AC on. It was 82 in the house. I just can't handle that. I try, very hard to not turn on the air/heat if we don't really need it. Between Lane and the dogs running in and out of the house, it easier just to leave things open. But when you start to sweat, just sitting on the couch, it's time to turn it on :)

My bro will be here in a little over 2 weeks. We're excited to see him. It'll be nice having him closer and being able to see him more. He will also be here to see the new baby arrive in August, which I think he'll enjoy. He really enjoy's Lane! I just hope that moving back in with Mom and Dad for a bit while he gets himself on his feet wont be too hard of an adjustment. Caiti is so used to being an only child.

I am finally getting my groove with the "couponing" that everyone is doing. I found a GREAT website that really helps out and I'm always finding good deals and freebies. I found out that Saturday at Toys R Us they are having a big Thomas the Train event for the kiddos. There will be story time, activies, coloring stuff and giveaways. We plan to take Lane and maybe Alli and Aj to go see Thomas. I need to go to Longview anyway, so this just gives us more of a reason. I think Lane will really enjoy it! But I've been cutting/clipping coupons and searching for the best deals. I'm still not as good as the coupon mom or frugal coupon living is BUT, I'm getting there :)

Today is a beautiful day. Hopefully we can get the wheels off the tractor and we can get the yard mowed. I figure we'll be bailing hay before it's all over! I hate feeling as though I can't help out around here! So much to do and Mikie has been working long days. Not a lot of energy to do the things around the house that I simply can't do! Maybe we could clone him? Nah one hubby is enough :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So very happy!

Lane has been potty trained during the day for months now, but the night has been harder. He goes to bed at 8:30 and sleeps until 8 or so. He always seems to sleep so hard! He never manages to wake up to use the bathroom. We haven't pushed the issue, he's only 4 and his ped. said it's not a big concern yet.

Well last night, at 4 am I heard him come out of his room. He stood in the hallway and called my name. I of course asked what was wrong, he said he needed to go potty! I said well go man! I got out of bed and he went potty! He then climbed back up into his bed, I covered him up and back to sleep he went!

When he got dressed this morning, he was dry! Maybe this means he's starting to "listen" to his body even when he's sleeping! I'm so excited. He usually wears a pullup to bed, but it would be great to be out of all those before the new baby comes!

We tried putting him in underwear a few months back, but we spent a week or two with nightly wettings, sometimes two times a night. It was obvious he just wasn't ready!

Here's to drier nights, we hope!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Doctor's appointment went well!

I had my 5 month checkup today! All my test results from the ER came back Negative, which is what we already knew. So I had a shot, for nothing. Figures. The doctor even questions if I really had high white blood cells or they were just telling me something to discharge me. At any rate, the doctor wasn't concerned.

He did tell me that I needed to take it easy. I don't feel like I really do all that much these days, but if the pain did persist, I would have to go to bedrest. I'll do my best to sit around and be a couch potatoe. It's hard with a 4 year old though. He can be demanding at times (like any other child). I'll just have to take it one day at a time and pray for the best.

We heard the heartbeat (mikie went with me since it was too wet to work). The baby immediately turned so that he had to try to find the heartbeat again. It was 153 beats per minute which is good.

My next appointment is May 11th. We'll do a sonogram to find out what color the skittle is. We're both excited. I can't wait to start shopping and planning my baby registry. I don't need many big things as I have a crib, swing, bath tub and porta crib. What I will mostly need is a dresser and a cart seat and then lots of other little stuff. If it's a boy, I have two rubber maid containers FULL of stuff.

All in all a good day :)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Lane seems to be enjoying his rainy easter! The Easter Bunny brought him an "easter wheel barrow" filled with candy and bubble stuff. He's quite pleased about it all. We haven't gotten to hunt easter eggs yet b/c the silly easter bunny hid them outside and it's been pouring rain this morning! By the looks of it, the dogs helped themselves to some of the eggs as well! He hunted Easter Eggs yesterday at church, so it's not a total loss!

I go see the doctor tomorrow for my 5 month checkup (I'm 20w3d today). When I spoke to him Friday, he was still concerned about the pain I was experiencing. He did NOT receive my results from my cultures when I went to the ER. Tomorrow before my appointment I'm going down to see if I can get those results before I see him. Then we can discuess what is or is not happening. He mentioned possible bedrest.

Keep us in your prayers as this pregnancy continues to be difficult! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and to remember the reason we are truly celebrating! Jesus Lives!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Some charity work pictures.

Here are 6 oddball baby blankets that we have completed. The first one is Strawberry Sundae, Southwest, Smurf, Ocean Waves, Candy Corn and last is Tyler's Blanket. The first 5 will be going to Project Linus. The last blanket was donated to a young man that one of knitters knows, Tyler. He was happy to pose for a picture with his new blanket. He is doing well, but has a long recovery ahead of him.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder about our local hopsital...

Yesterday I was having some lower pelvic pain. I thought maybe I had a bladder infection. It's hard to tell if I'm going more frequently since I drink more water than a camel!!! I called Mikie and had him meet me up at the Emergency room, I left Lane with his mamaw and papaw!

I was taken right in and since I wasn't 20 weeks yet, I wasn't allowed to just be taken to the OB floor (why the heck not?). So I was put into a room, which was very hot! The doctor came in to see me and asked me a bunch of questions. I explained to him it wasn't cramping just an ache/pain in my lower belly.

Mikie came in not long after that and the doctor returned. He did a quick ultrasound, found the baby with a heartbeat and moving. He wasn't good enough to tell the sex of the baby though. He did a pelvic exam and took some cultures and checked my cervix. They didn't have my "stickers" for my cultures so they just left them. Finally after an hour, a nurse comes in with my stickers and takes my cultures. By now it's after 6pm (I got there at 4:15pm). So we wait, in a hot room. Finally at 7:30 they come in to tell me I have a bacterial infection. He looks me in the eyes and says we think you have a STD. I'm like uhhh wth? Don't you have to be DOING that to get one of those? He said well yes, but we wont know for sure so we're going to give you a shot of antibiotics b/c your white blood cells are high down there. You can call us in Tuesday to find out the results for sure.

So I'm left boggled. We haven't done much of anything since the bleeding for my cervix. I'm too concerned to do much of anything and being so tired all the time, it doesn't occur to me.

Yeah. So. The last time I went to the ER I was told I lost a baby. The next day I go and find out, no in fact, the bleeding wasn't even coming from my uterus. It was my from my cervix. I'm not sure they know their head from a hole in the ground.

Monday I plan to call my doctor and tell him what's going on. He can pull my ER charts and look it over himself. If I'm still hurting, I'm going to ask him to check things out. *Boggle* Sometimes I just don't know!!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The effects of Benadryl!

I don't usually take Benadryl b/c of the weird side effects it has on me. But being pregnant, I don't have a lot of options and during allergy season, I have to take what I can get! So I've been taking my Zyrtec at night and usually in the mornings I wake up and I'm sneezy, runny nose, itchy/watery eyes and I just can't stand that. So I eat breakfast and then take a benadryl.

Well today I got those weird side effects. I was almost dazed and confused! It's such a horrible feeling. Mikie worked today (praise the lord!) so I had to suck it up until rest time. By 2, I could barely keep my eyes open! Lane went into his room for rest time and I went and laid on the bed. The next thing I know the phone is ringing and it's 4!!! Poor Lane. I didn't mean for him to spend 2 full hours in there. He played, read his new library books and didn't make a big mess. What a good boy!

So yeah, benadryl is a blessing and a curse! I see the allergy doctor tomorrow and hope that maybe there is something else I can do as well. I can't keep taking the benadryl when Mikie's not home b/c I don't always have the luxury of laying down for a good nap. I need to be alert and aware with a 4 year old running around. Ugh.. Allergies!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Progress on the knitting front!

I spent quite a while taking inventory of what I had in UFO's as far as my knitting was concerned. I wanted to see what I could get accomplished and put together and then take note of what still needed to be done so I could work to finish those as well.

Today I managed to finish knitting my section on an oddball baby blanket. I have 2 that will go in the mail Friday!! I weaved in ends on 3 other blankets, took pictures and boxed up 5 blankets that I will take to Longview to donate to Project Linus. I boxed up the two pet snuggles and the parrot sweater which will be headed to Best Friends in Utah!

I managed to get Lane's last clog almost done. I just need to knit a second sole and then knit them together and seam it up! Then I will be able to felt Mikie and Lane's clogs!

The other UFO's I currently have are : Pinwheel sweater needs it's sleeves, Overlapping leaves socks need to be finished up, although, the more I look at the one I've started, I'm concerned it wont be large enough, it may be frogged; Mix and Mingle Afghan I bought from knitpicks over a year ago.

I have a couple of small projects I'd like to work on. I have a pair of clogs I'd like to knit for myself. I want to start another prayer shawl (knit this time). So! That in a nutshell is what I need to do. I want to try and get more of these finished up b/c I hope to know the sex of the bay in another couple of weeks and want to knit some things.