Monday, April 13, 2009

Doctor's appointment went well!

I had my 5 month checkup today! All my test results from the ER came back Negative, which is what we already knew. So I had a shot, for nothing. Figures. The doctor even questions if I really had high white blood cells or they were just telling me something to discharge me. At any rate, the doctor wasn't concerned.

He did tell me that I needed to take it easy. I don't feel like I really do all that much these days, but if the pain did persist, I would have to go to bedrest. I'll do my best to sit around and be a couch potatoe. It's hard with a 4 year old though. He can be demanding at times (like any other child). I'll just have to take it one day at a time and pray for the best.

We heard the heartbeat (mikie went with me since it was too wet to work). The baby immediately turned so that he had to try to find the heartbeat again. It was 153 beats per minute which is good.

My next appointment is May 11th. We'll do a sonogram to find out what color the skittle is. We're both excited. I can't wait to start shopping and planning my baby registry. I don't need many big things as I have a crib, swing, bath tub and porta crib. What I will mostly need is a dresser and a cart seat and then lots of other little stuff. If it's a boy, I have two rubber maid containers FULL of stuff.

All in all a good day :)


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