Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh the aches and pains!

I feel like such a big baby these days! My back and belly always hurt! It doesn't matter if I spend the day laying around or if I'm up and moving! It's amazing how a 1lb baby (23 weeks tomorrow) can cause so many aches and pains!

The little skittle kicks and moves all day long. I feel like maybe it's taken up acrobatics in my stomach! Mikie sits with me and we just watch my belly. It looks like jelly! It's just amazing to me! Last night he laid his arm across my belly when we were cuddling and the baby just kicked and kicked. The skittle must not of liked the pressure Mikie was putting on my belly or the skittle isn't interested in sharing it's mommy!

Ahh I've taken my warm bath and now it's time to lay on the heating pad. Hopefully the Mylanta will have kicked in and I don't feel like the fire breathing dragon when I lay down!

I guess I'm just not one of those women that just feel splended with they are pregnant. Can I be done, yet?


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Alliree said...

Ohh wait till he's 5 pounds! Jesse will put his head on my tummy and the baby kicks him in the head over and over. Ohh and Pepcid AC Complete works really well too. My MW also prescribes me nexium it really helps.