Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's almost Halloween!

Tonight is the Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival out our church. I'm so excited! I am going to get my saddle and do up the back hatch of my escape in a western theme and pass out candy! I'm so excited!

I started a new book today! It's Called Dark Roots and Cowboy boots! I was browsing my site (GREAT site for used books and doens't cost you anything but postage) and ran across this author. I've never read anything by her before, but it kind of gave me a laugh when I saw the cover. So why not? :)

I finished Dark Embrace by Brenda Joyce. EXCELLENT book! Her old stuff will always be good, but I think she's taken her writing to a new level with the Master of Times books. Or maybe b/c it's so different from anything else that she's written. I just love the over-sexed, Highlander men. Who knew men in Kilts could be so appealing?

I rented this movie from my Netflix stuff. The Derby Stallion was pretty good. The horses are beauitful, plus Zac Efron has beautiful eyes. So it was a win-win situation all around. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy horses and a nice story line of a boy growing up and finding his true dream/passion.
That's about it for today! I'll have pictures from the Festival tomorrow!

Friday, October 24, 2008

FUMC Pumpkin Fundraiser and Trunk or Treat!

Our church is having a pumpkin patch fundraiser! If you haven't had a chance to stop by you should! There are LOTS of pumpkins. Starting from $.50- 14.00. Anyone can afford one! Plus you can get your pictures taken!

Also on Wednesday October 29th, we will be having our Trunk or Treat/fall festival. There will be games, activities, food, candy and a bounce house! It starts at 4:30pm-6pm. Anyone is welcome to come! Be sure to dress up in your costumes!


Feeling better!

It's been a long week. I wanted to say thank you to my cousin Jim, his wife Emily and Nini for taking the time to read my blog and to leave me comments. They were greatly appreciated! I feel better today. My period was 3 days late this week, so it was another disappointment. I try not to get too excited but since I'm rarely late, sometimes it's hard. I know it will happen if it's ment to happen, in it's own time. But you can't help but be excited! I'm very blessed though. I have a wonderful 4 year old and I treasure him every day. I was also told I wouldn't have children b/c of the endometriosis and the problems I've had since I was 16. I'm blessed, I defintely know that. Sometimes it's hard to fight that "mommy" urge though. My baby is growing up!

I finished "Nights in Rodanthe" this week. I kind of figured out how it was going to end but a beautiful book. Nicholas Sparks just has a way with words. I wish I could be as expressive and descriptive as he is! I have mixed feelings about seeing the movie. It's on my netflix list though. So I'm sure I will see it when it comes out :)

I am currently reading a Brenda Joyce book. She's one of my favorite romance writers. This is the 3rd book in the Master of Time series and the first book in The Rose Trilogy. I've really enjoyed her time travel books (into the past). I have a hard time reading books that go too far into the future. But this are great over-sexed heroes. What a way to end a long day!
I have started the loopy edge on my pinwheel sweater. It has a lot of i-cords so it will take a bit of time. Once I finished the outer edge I will have to do the two sleeves and it will be finished. Then I will need to concentrate on Christmas presents! I have 1 slipper almost complete for my grandfather! I still have yarn I need to get as well.
On to bigger and better things? :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling sad.

I knew today was going to come one of these days. It was inevidetable. I just had to sit back and wait. Here it is. It's October 19th. Today is my sister's 17th birthday! But it's also what would of been the due date of our 2nd baby.

I am at peace as to what happened and I do understand that it just wasn't ment to be. But at the same time I am sad at knowing I lost the baby. I realize I was only 14.5 weeks along and for most people, that isn't far. But when the actual act of loosing the baby happened, I saw the baby. It was still connected to me. I knew when it happened that I was looking at my baby. I tried to be so strong. What was done was done. It couldn't be fixed.

But just the same. I'm sad. Part of me wishes I would of picked up and held the baby. I kind of wish I would of asked what the sex was. I'm even more upset (now more so than before) that I didn't get any kind of greif counceling or ANY sort of help from the hospital. I feel like I was cheated out of something. They just put the baby in a bag and sent me to have my D&C.


I'm sad. I'm angry and I'm hurt. What makes it worse is that next Friday will be the 6 month anniversary from when I lost the baby. It's rough. It really sucks. I thought I was better, but I know deep in my heart, it still hurts.

So today, I'm thinking about my long lost angel. I know my angel has gone to be with God but I hope my angel knows how much I'm thinking about them.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Books Alive in Jefferson Texas!

Here is the link for the Books-Alive weekend that is coming up November 7-9 2008 in Jefferson Texas!

There will be A LOT of neat things planned for that weekend. Saturday's events with the authors are FREE!!!! Come out and see them, buy their books (if you'd like to), get them autographed and then stay for all the wonderful entertainment planned that evening. You WONT be disappointed!


A week of catching up!

I haven't blogged in a week! It didn't help that I was in San Antonio and didn't do much on the computer! :)

We drove down to San Antonio last thursday. We left around 9 am and got there around 4pm. It's a long drive, but we managed. We rested thursday evening and Lane was glad to see his moomaw, poopaw and his aunt caiti!

Friday, Lane was able to go swimming for about 45 minutes. It was around 92, but it was breezy and the water was around 78. So it's not MY kind of swimming, but Lane was happy with it. We went to a La Vernia Bears (aunt Caiti's HS) football game. Lane had never been to a football game! GO BEARS GO!!! He really liked the cheerleaders and tried to imitate them! He caught some candy and a little blue football! He was able to enjoy lots of great cousine as well! The nachos were his favorite!

Saturday morning we went to Michaels. They had their "look-a-like" pumpkins for 5 dollars! But the neat thing was, they had a table set up were the kids/anyone could decorate their pumpkins for free! They had eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, gauze, glue, scissors, you name it. Lane had a BLAST decorating his pumpkin! I took a few pictures of all the fun he had!

Saturday night we went to the peanut feastival. Lane said he didn't want to go but boy did he have such a good time! I didn't bring my camera though :( He was able to ride a kiddie rollacoaster, swings, car ride and a few others. He had SUCH a good time. He even eat funnel cake and his poopaw bought him a glow in the dark sword! WOW!!

Sunday and Monday was much more relaxed. We just sat around, recouperating from all the excitement. He didn't get to swim as it was much cooler these 2 days!

Tuesday morning we headed home! Once again it's a long drive so I was glad to be home!

Wednesday I worked at our pumpkin patch! I sold about 12 pumpkins, which isn't bad considering it was during the day (12-3pm) on a workday!

Yesterday it rained.. and rained. We headed out to best buy and bought me a new computer! We put an ad on craiglist for my old computer and someone seems to be interested in it! Now I'll have to get a monitor and speakers since I'm using my old computer's stuff until we sold it!

Today is Friday! I'm headed to Marshall to do the grocery shopping and get then it'll be time to come back and get the house cleaned up. I've kind of let it go this week. It's been a long week :)

So there's my catchup! I'll try to upload a couple of pictures of Lane. Fall is coming, that means it's going to get cold. ICK!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lane and the ER!!

On monday afternoon Lane was helping clean up his toys. He was using his front end loader and his dump truck to clean up his thomas the train tracks (hey whatever gets him cleaning) and he laid down on the floor and started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said "it hurts". I figured he pinched his fingers or something. I went over and picked him up and he started screaming louder "it hurts it hurts". I asked him where it hurt and he said his neck. I put him gently on the couch and gave him some tylenol. I thought well maybe he pinched a nerve or he got a neck cramp.

Mikie came home about 30 minutes later. Lane didn't get off the couch to see him. Mikie came over and kissed him and laid on the couch with him for a bit. He watched cartoons and just laid there.

I fixed dinner, chicken fried deer steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and biscuits. Lane loves that. He didn't even want to get off the couch. For anyone that knows my child, KNOWS that is not normal! He doesn't refuse to eat or just lay around watching tv.

We debating about taking him to the ER. Lane got very upset when I mentioned the doctor, so we just left it alone. At 7 I gave him some motrin b/c he said it still hurt and he woudln't move his head to the other side.

We decided not to give him a bath and put him in his jammies at 8:30pm and into bed. Around 9:30 he woke up crying. We thought he had a bad dream, so Mikie laid with him and he went back to sleep. At 10:30 he woke up again screaming. We decided to take him to the doctors this time!

I took him to the ER and we waited in the waiting room for 45 minutes. When we went into the first room, where they check your vitals, ask you a bunch of questions and so on, Lane got hysterical. He didn't want anyone to touch him nor look at him. We were finally able to get his weight and pulse oxy and then they put us in a room. I decided to see if I could get him to lay down b/c I thought it would make it a bit easier for the doctor to look him over if he wasn't stuck to me.

The doctor came in and he got very upset. He was able to examine him and felt he had something called "Torticollius". It's a neck spasm in the neck and it causes pain and stiffness. They gave him tylenol with codine for the pain and some prednizone. They always wanted to take some x-rays to make sure it was nothing else.

About 30 minutes after the medicine, Lane perked up. We got to take his "pictures" 5 times and he thought he looked pretty good since he just had his haircut! Everything tuned out ok with the x-rays. He just needed some rest! But of course he was all wired up b/c of the medicine! YIKES! He was VERY chatty!

On the way home (we were there about 3 hours), I called my bro. He was on his way to go squirrel hunting with a buddy. He talked me half way home. Then it started to rain really hard so I got off the phone so I could pay attention to the road and the rain!

It was after 3 am once we got home and into bed. What a LONG night. Lane felt better yesterday. Still a little stiff but much better.

Poor kiddo!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cowboy gathering rodeo and twenty wishes book!

We went to the piney woods cowboy gathering rodeo last night in Linden. It was soo much fun! I saw events I'd never seen before.

Wild cow milking
Muddy barrel pickup?

LOL. It was great! My father in law's neighbor, Justin participated in one of the teams. So we had a team to root for! The events were not your normal rodeo events, but they were hilarious! The last event, was the surprise event and trying to watch these guys get their horses around a barrel and pick up another guy was great. They definitely could use some work on their barrel patterns! I think I want to learn to rope calves. I'm not sure about wrestling them to the ground, but hey you never know!

Twenty wishes by Debbie Macomber was a great book. Her books are always so warm and heartfelt. The twenty wishes is similar to a bucket lists. Things you want to do/accomplish! The 4 ladies in the story were all widows and they made lists of things they wanted to do. It was a way to deal with their grief and find a way to move on and be happy. I definitely recommend this book for anyone that wants a good, warm story!

My back is bothering me today. I think I pinched a nerve in the lower left side. It hurts so sit, stand, lay down, just about anything. Mikie is working today so it's making it difficult to do much for Lane. Poor kiddo!

Tomorrow is Monday! Lane and I leave for San Antonio on Thursday! We will be spending a couple days visiting my parents and sister! Lane is excited! Hopefully it'll be warm enough he can swim a little bit. He loves to swim!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just rambling!

Today is Thursday. It's a beautiful day outside and I'm bored! LOL. I watched "The Namesake" this morning. It was good. Better than I had expected actually. I also watched Dirty, Sexy, Money and Lipstick Jungle from last night. Both are headed in a really nice direction. I think my shows are going to be pretty darn good this season.

I've been working on my pinwheel sweater. As I feel the temperature cooling down, I feel the need to get it done. I'm 2 rows away from starting my last color. So I'm about 20 rows total from having the sweater done. Then I will need to add the loopy edging and the sleeves and it will be ready to wear! The colors are beautiful. I'm very pleased. It's going to be very bright, BUT that's the "in" thing I guess. It will be nice to have to wear around the house or when I go out before it gets too cold.

I've gotten the yarn to make 3 of the 7 pairs of clogs I have planned for christmas. Those will be next on the list and are usually pretty easy/quick to knit.

I think I'm going to go ride tonight. I haven't since Monday and I want to keep going 3-4 nights a week while the weather is nice. Once it gets a bit colder, it may only be 2 nights a week as I hate to be cold :)

We are going to the Linden cowboy gathering rodeo this weekend. I'm excited. There is stick horse races for the kids and mutten busting. I don't think Lane is ready for that yet, but maybe in another year or so. It will be something fun to do with the family. Mikie has worked for almost an entire month straight. The money is good, but we miss him!

Alright back to doing a bit more laundry and reading Twenty Wishes. It's good so far. Just have been knitting more than reading. My shows are back on, gives me more time to knit!