Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Bella.

Well Ming has not made it home. I hope that maybe she found a new home and is happy wherever she is. I miss her though. She was such a good cat!

Last week we went to a couple of the animal sheleters to see about adopting a new kitty. We found one we really liked in marshall at the humane society. Her name was baby. She was a domestic long hair around 7 monthes old. She had beautiful green eyes and was black/white/grey. She had been spayed on the 9th but managed to rip her stitches out and had to be restitched prior to us adopting her. They had put an elizabethian coller on her to keep her from messing with her stitches. We were told she would need to keep the coller on for a couple more days.

We brought her home and she was just so sweet. She slept in bed with us and adjusted well to the dogs. Saturday night I picked her up to realize she had managed to dig at her stitches again. I put some neosporin all over her belly and then applied a bandage and then put an ace bandage around her to keep her from having access to the area. Sunday the skin looked better so we just left it wrapped. Monday when I checked her belly again, she had gotten the ace bandage off and had open an area up. I immediatly called the shelter we got her from and was instructed to take her to our vet.

I took her to the animal clinic in Jefferson. They told me they would have to put her under, clean her up and then sew her back up, but this time sew her on the inside. I took all the paperwork the shelter gave me so they knew what shots she had done and anything else they may need to know. I was asked if she was tested for feline leukemia, which I didn't know for sure, but knew she had had a shot for it. They wanted to test her for it b/c that could be what was keeping her body from healing. They told me they would keep her over night but would call if anything came up.

I went home and about an hour-2 hours later I get a call and the vet tells me she's positive for Feline Leukemia. She explains my options, which there really aren't any b/c it can't be cured and it will be fatal. I, of course, break down on the phone and she tells me to talk/think it over and let her know what I'd like to do. She can stitch her up, give her some really strong meds and hope she's able to heal, but that it's like aids in people. It compromises the immune system and eventually will kill her. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but rarely do they live to be 3 or 4 and in her case she could go down hill soon.

I called the shelter we bought her from to tell them she was positive since it is contagious and she was in a room with other cats, and they told me they would call my vets office and take care of it. I made the decision to have her put down. I didn't feel like it was fair to her to have to be bandaged up and on strong meds to try and heal her. If she managed to dig the stitches out, she may not heal at all. I just think it was fair to her to have to live like that.
So after only 5 days with the new kitty that we named Bella, I had her put down. She DID get to live 5 nights in a house. She was able to sleep in a real bed and be loved by a real family. I suppose in the end she got the best of both worlds. She was rescued and then lived with a family just like any animal wants.

I'm still sad and a bit disappointed that she wasn't tested at the shelter. That could of saved us all a bit of heartache, but in the end the shelter has taken care of the vet bill and is mailing me a check back. Personally, I'd rather have my cat back and of paid the vet bill myself.


Monday, February 16, 2009

A happy day and a sad day!

I went to the doctor's for a checkup! The doctor did another sonogram and said that everything looks great. The baby was actively moving and the heartbeat was perfect! He didn't feel there was any problems and said he'd see me in 4 weeks were we would do the quad check. They test for downsymdrome and other things I believe. March 16th is my next doctor's appointment!

He did tell me I will not be able to travel to Ohio in July. He said that is too far away for being so close. He said it's not safe to really fly that far into the pregnancy since I am high risk. Bummer. I wont be able to see my best friend get married :(

He also told me that medicaid wont pay for anymore sonograms unless there is a medical reason. So if we want to do one later to determine the sex, we would have to pay for it 125. Mikie said we'd get the money together and the doctor told me 22-24 weeks would be the best and we'd have the best chance of finding out. That will be somewhere around the end of April/beginning of May!

He also said he likes to schedule the c-section 1 week before the due date, so that puts it on the 21st. Maybe I can convince him to do it the 19th, since the 20th is alli's birthday and the 21st is Mikie's birthday. If not, we'll shoot for the 22nd. Who knows though. I carried Lane 38w2d!!

He also told me I couldn't care for my horse because of the west nile virus! DOH! I can't even brush or pet/love on him. Hopefully when we do his coggins test we can get the shot for him as well then I should be ok to be around him.

Also, my sad news :( I haven't see my cat since Friday afternoon. It's not like her to disappear for this long. I, of course fear the worst. Mikie went out yesterday and didn't find her on the side of the road anywhere. I went out today and didn't find her. I'm going to ask around to the neighbors later when everyone gets home from work. *sigh* I love that cat. I hope that another animal didn't get her and I dearly hope someone didn't shoot her. She's spayed and up to date with her shoots. She wasn't feral and as far as I know, she didn't bother anyone. Blah. I'm sad :(


Friday, February 13, 2009

Life has a way of getting away from you!

Boy I didn't realize it had been so long since I've blogged! I am 12w1d today and feeling pretty good. I still have the nausea in the afternoon/evenings and I've started getting bad headaches around the same time. I figure it's the hormones and hope it will balance out here soon! I see the doctor on Monday and we will be doing another sonogram to check the progress of the baby.

I worked for the first time at the schools earlier this week. I was an aid in a kindergarden classroom. Boy are fiften 5 year olds a handful! You'd think with having a 4 year old I might be used to some of the chaos, but that doesn't even begin to compare! I had a good time though. Lane was able to spend the day with his dad as it had rained. It worked out well!

I haven't been knitting much the past week or two. I need to get back into my groove! Last weekend I must of eaten something bad b/c I was very sick for 2/3 days. It's funny, I don't think one realizes how "gross" their toilet is until they've spent time "praying to the porcelin god." Yuck! I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday, needless to say!

Today is Friday the 13th! We are taking Sherri (Mikie's mom) out to dinner tonight as her birthday is Sunday! Tomorrow night, Mikie, Lane and I will go out to eat as a family for my birthday/valentines day. I believe tonight we are going to Texas Roadhouse and tomorrow night to Big Pines Lodge to eat catfish. Score!!!!

We had a girls night out last night at Bulldogs pizza in town. The ladies from the church gathered and we eat and watched Momma Mia. Definitely a great movie and I had a really great time. It's nice to get out and do things with other ladies!

It's almost rest time. I like to lay down and put my feet up while Lane rests. Sometimes I snooze and sometimes I just catch up on my tv shows!

I hope everything has a safe Friday the 13th and a very Happy Valentines' day!