Monday, May 30, 2011

Wags 5/27

2 Edge Shaving Creams $1.99 each with 2 .$55 mfc
1 Scunci package $2.00 with $22 RR

I had $1.10 in coupons and $4 in RR. I paid $.95 and received $2 in RR. I saved $7.69!
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CVS 5/27

4 12-packs of coke 4 for $10 deal
3 revlon nail polishes $4.99 each with $4 ECB (limit 6)
1 Green bag tag (not pictured).

I had $6 in ECB, $5/25 CVS coupon and a $.99 free green bag coupon. I paid 15.11 oop and received $12 in ECB.
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CVS 5/30

2 bags of m&m singles $.50 each, get $1 ECB
2 Crest Kids Tooth paste, $1.99 each, two $1MFC and $2 ECB
1 Pampers diapers, $8.99, $1.50 mfc and $2 ECB
2 Hydro 3 Razors, $8.49, two $3.00 mfc and on sale for B1G1

I had $12 in ECB from last week, plus my $9.50 in coupons, I paid $1.01 out of pocket and received $5 ECB for next week. I also got a rain check for the preperation H wipes as they were out (they are $3.99, use a $2 mfc and get $3.99 in ECB).

I saved $36.13 today and $728.46 YTD!!
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Friday, May 6, 2011

CVS 5/6

There wasn't a lot of things I just needed at CVS. I think this is the least amount of items I've ever bought! I even made a boo-boo but the cashier was nice enough to help me fix it.

2 tubes of colgate toothpaste (2 .75 mfc, $5.54 in ECB)
2 packages of soleil bella razors (one with an extra razor) - b1 get 50% off (1 3.00mfc.. not sure what happened to my other coupon).
Also received a $2/10 at the coupon giver-outer.

I paid $9.06 oop (I actually forgot to hand her the 1 $3.00 bic soleil coupon.. but she took it later and gave me $3 in ECB for next trip). I have 8.54 in ECB for next trip. I saved $12.04 today and $659.88 YTD.
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Walgreens - 5/6

I broke my "vow" and went back to Walgreens. I found a new website that breaks up the trip into different scenarios and I though I would give it a shot. I actually had a very nice cashier (I've never seen him before). He was VERY patient and he seemed as though he knew the coupon policy as we didn't have any glitches!

2 - 12package of cottonelle
2 - Gum Flossers
5 carmel candies (fillers)
2 tylenol precise heat wraps
1 herbal essence shampoo
1 bic soilea 3-pack of razors

I spent $11.60, saved $33.98 and brought home $3 in RR. I'm happy overall with this trip and my experience this time at wags. I'll consider doing it again :)
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