Friday, February 29, 2008

Keep us in your prayers!

Last night I was shopping with my mom and sister for a few groceries. I was in the checkout line when I felt like something wasn't right. I told mom and caiti to head to the car with the groceries (travis and lane were waiting in the car) and I would meet them out after I went to the restroom.

Upon going to the restroom I realized I had heavy bleeding and a lot of clotting. I immediately called my mom on her cell phone. I asked her to buy me some pads and I needed to get to the hospital. We decided the best course was to call the ambulance.

I was not having any pain just a lot of bleeding. I was taken to Baptist Medical Hospital in San Antonio. I waited 3.5 hours to see a doctor. I ended up having to have a BUNCH of blood taken (enough they had to do it in 2 different veins), a urine test, 3 different sonograms (1 trans vaginal and 2 on the belly). In the end I had to have a catheter placed so they could fill my bladder up enough to move the bowels out of the way.

They were able to find the baby. Baby Woods measures exactly 6w today (due date is now October 23rd), and had 114 HB per minute. We aren't sure why I had the heavy bleeding/clotting and no cramping. But I am now considered high risk for the next 6 weeks and I am to see the doctor asap on Monday morning (which I've made the appointment).

We're not out of the woods yet (no pun intended). So just keep us in your prayers. We know ultimately if it's meant to be, we'll continue to do fine, but if not, there wont be any controlling it.


~danielle and baby woods~

Lane LOVED flying!

Lane really enjoyed flying. I only wished that we went out a bit earlier so the first flight would of been during daylight. He did really well on both flights. We even had to sit on the 2nd plane for almost an hour before we got to take off. Part of the flight crew was coming from a different flight and they were late!

He even managed to fall asleep 10 minutes before landing. Boy does he weigh ALOT when it's dead weight!

But he stayed awake the whole 45 minute ride home from the airport with uncle travis and aunt caiti. He went to bed a little after midnight and got up at 10am! NICE!

He told me he wanted to be a "pilot" and drive the plane. LOL


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feeling sick!

I haven't felt great this last week. I seem to get so sick to my stomach. I haven't gotten physically sick yet, but sometimes it feels like it might be better if I did! I am taking my vitamin right before I go to bed at night. That seems to help a little bit. I go to see the doctor tomorrow. Maybe she will have some more suggestions for me.

Lane and I are also traveling to San Antonio tomorrow. My brother is flying in today to do some job interview/testing stuff. If he is accepted, he will have to be here to start training in Mid may. So that'll be exciting to have him a bit closer!

I have been knitting my palindrome hat. I have another inch and half and I can start the decrease. Maybe I'll be able to get that done today! I'm trying to get all the laundry done so that we can get packed and Mikie will have plenty of clean clothes for the week!

Ahh so much to do!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ER visit!

Last night I had a lot of pains in my left side. I was really uncomfortable and Mikie said it might be best to go and get it checked out. So I said, alright. If I wasn't pregnant I never would of gone b/c I'm used to these pains with my endometriosis.

So we packed lane a small bag with some jammies, his puppy dog and his blanket and dropped him off at mamaw's and papaw's. Mikie and I headed to Marshall to the ER.

I got lucky because there was no on in the waiting room. I hadn't even finished signing papers and they were calling me back to the room. She took all my vitals and put me in an OB room to await the doctor.

I got to do one of those great pee tests. They also took a lot of blood, did a pelvic exam and then sent me for sonograms.

The baby is in the uterus and we got to see the little round "sac" area where the baby will form. Too early to see a baby of course, but it was still kind of neat. We found the right ovary and then went searching for the left. She searched and searched...and searched some more. I was in a lot of pain as she did this, but understood it had to be done. After about 20 minutes or so she said well I just can't find it.

So we left it at that. All my blood work, pee test and such came back fine. The pelvic exam didn't show anything. So they said everything "baby" wise looks to be in the right place, so no ectopic pregnancy. I just needed to call my doctor in the morning and let them know.

So we got home around 10:30 last night. I didn't sleep worth a flip b/c my allergies/sinuses are all backed up. But I feel a bit better today, despite all the precedures that were done!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a week!

This week has been so busy! We found out early this week that I was pregnant. I also had my 26th birthday on Thursday and my MIL turned 50 on Friday! What a week!

I received the "Dreamy Blues" baby blanket on Thursday. I was able to get it knitted up and plan to mail it out on Tuesday to the next knitter. The blanket will be so beautiful and I'm sure the family that gets it will enjoy it as much as I did!

I started knitting some really cute baby booties today. I am knitting them in yellow since it'll be a while before we can tell the sex of the baby. I'm just excited and can't wait to start knitting baby items! I'll take a picture once I am finished!

I've been really tired lately. Not much on the morning sicknes side. Like with Lane, I seem to get the nausea around dinner time. Probably that's when I cook and the smells bother me! I also find if I let myself get too hungry, that makes me feel sick too. Little snacks along the way. My goal is to NOT gain 52 lbs with this baby. It's going to be a long, hot summer though!

Ok I'm off to bed. We ate dinner with Mikie's mom for her birthday at Posadoes in Longview. It was excellent. Now I'm stuffed and ready for bed!


Monday, February 11, 2008

We are having another baby!

Well we found out today we are going to have another baby. We are due around October 19th (my sister's birthday). We are very excited. Lane is a bit confused though. We tried to explain to him that he was going to bea big brother like Calliou (pbs show) and now he thinks he's going to have a litter sister named Rosie. Ahhh 3 year olds. Exciting :)

So we are 4w1d along. It's just the beginning. So time to finish up a few projects and start some baby ones!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Started a sock!

Since I finished up the combo corset-t, I decided to start another smaller project. I casted on a sock. I'm using my colinette jitterbug yarn. I thinkt he color is laguna (blue's and greens). I using size 3 DPN's. My son lost my pattern earlier this week but someone took pity on me on the KH boards and was kind enough to type it out and send a PM to me with it! Ahh I love those boards.

So that's what I've been working on. I'll take a picture soon. The striping is just beautiful! I love it already!

I'm hoping to still make the palindrome hat. My mom sent me the wrong size needles. So hopefully she mailed them out Monday and I hope to have them at the end of the week. I still need a really good hat!