Saturday, July 25, 2009

Supporting the local economy!

We headed to target today to get a small list of things we still needed for Julie. We ended up getting a dresser, baby book, receiving blankets, bouncy chair, front carrier, rug, curtain rods, mini blinds, boppy pillow covers and some hairbows (I couldn't resist).

We came home and first put up the miniblinds and the curtain rods so that her window would match the rest of her room! Mikie also put up the hanging items around her crib. Then we decided to tackle the dresser. I wanted to get her clothes put away and put the rest of the items in her room until we were ready for them (things are piled up in the dinning room and office).

After about 2 hours of working on the dresser, we were just about finished when we realized that the directions were incorrect. What they had written as the back of the dresser was really the front of the dresser. We tired to pull out the metal runners and switch them, but they only fit one way. We thought about changing the front to the back, but then we'd have holes in the front of the dresser. GAR?! We were NOT happy! We called Target and they told us to bring it back exactly as it was and they would take it back and refund us the money. My hubby asked if he could have the display model since he felt he put his work into it already. He was told he'd has to speak to a manager! LOL.

So. After spending $150+ on a dresser, it's ashame to see that the directions were so backwards! What a waste!! I'm very disappointed! This was the first furniture we've bought from Target. I wish there was somewhere on their website to post feedback about the product (It's not listed on there online website, I checked), I'd love to save someone the headache!

Tomorrow we will head back to target to hopefully get another dresser, since I'd really like to get her room finished! I did take pictures of Lane and Mikie during the construction phase, I'll post some of those later. Lane found that the styrofoam packing makes really good "ramps and tracks". Boys are so creative!


Friday, July 24, 2009

It's just too hot to do much of anything!!

It's been so hot lately, I haven't been doing any knitting or crochetting. I just can't sit still or have any of the stuff on my lap/belly! Ugh. I did finish all 10 pairs of the beaded crochet shocks for Julie though. I have another small project I wanted to do for her, but I just can't do it right now. My fingers and my toes tingle and hurt from time to time. I know it's the swelling and I'm coming to the end of my pregnancy. It'll be nice when things start to go back to normal.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading. I thought I would update my list of books I'm working on.

I'm currently reading "The Face of Deception" by Iris Johansen. It's a new series that was recommended to me.

On my shelf to read, in no particular order is:
Chasing Charity - Marcia Gruver
Knit Two - Kate Jacobs
How to Knit a wild Bikini - Christie Ridgway
The Knitting Circle - Ann Hood
A Bride in the Bargain - DeeAnne Gist
Dark Lover - Brenda Joyce
Origin in Death - JD Robb (and to continue with this series)
Even Now - Karen Kingsbury
Mary - Janis Cooke Newman

There are of course a lot more on my shelf and new ones coming all the time from but I like to keep a list of the books I have and what's on my mind!


Not feeling great today or tonight. Think I'll go lay in bed and try to read. Julie seems to be up in my ribs!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby shower and other odds and ends!

I had my baby shower last Saturday! It was really nice! We received lots of really nice things. My mom, sister, karon and terri did a great job at the shower! I even had some unexpected guests show up! One of my best friends from childhood surpried me! It happened that she was meeting her ex-hubby to drop the boys off for their visit the same day and he lives in Katy, Tx (south of houston). So she made the extra 2 hour trip here to see me! I haven't seen Becky since our senior year in HS (and we didn't go to the same high school). I'll get some pictures put up soon!

Julie's room is painted and I got her crib and bedding put up today! The room color is "muslin wrap" and it's really pretty with the bedding. I need to get curtain rods and mini blinds this weekend so we can put the curtains up. We are going to Target this weekend to exchange a few items and buy a dresser and a few other odds and ends that I'd like to have.

Karon bought Mikie a camo diaper bag. It's so cute. It has a fawn on the front and it says "daddy's baby" on it. She also got him a camo onsie with booties and a hat. The onsie has ruffles on the booty and around the collar. It's really cute!

I am hoping to get the rest of the things done this weekend so that I'll be ready when Julie decides to make her grand appearance! I packed her diaper bag with a couple of newborn items/outfits and some 0-3 month stuff. I'll be in the hospital for 3 days or so, there will be lots of time for dress-up!

I need to work on my 2nd baby shower thank you cards. I finished my first baby shower thank you cards. I still have a few to give out though!

I'm 35weeks today! We're getting closer! She is spending a lot of time up in my ribs and in my lungs. It makes it really hard to breathe sometimes. Its amazing how much space she can take up! There isn't much room left in my belly! Indigestion is really bad too these days. Ugh. I've started having Braxton hicks. Just a few in the evenings it seems. I'm so glad I don't have to go through labor again!

Not too much longer..


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Texas heat!!!

I've always enjoyed living in Texas. I hate the snow and I hate the cold. So logically, Texas is the place to go. Although I'm rethinking this whole Texas heat thing during pregnancy. The heat makes me retain so much water! My feet and ankles are all becoming one unit. It's horrible!

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I want to knit/crochet but I just can't. It's so hot! I have all these little projects I want to do for Julie, but right now it's not in the works! I did manage to get 9 pairs of beaded socks done. I need another package of beads to do the alst sock. I can't wait to see how she looks in them! These are 0-6 mos socks, so I'll have to start working on the 6-18 mos socks next. I'm going to use some pearl beads instead, so they'll be different!

My baby shower is Saturday. I'm really excited! Mikie is going to prime Julie's room and hopefully we can paint it this weekend! Then I can start putting things in there, instead of in my kitchen/computer room! I have some stuff in the storage building that need to be washed/cleaned. Hopefully I can work on that next week, then I can put things in her room.

So my belly is full of watermelon! I'm tired and I need to do some laundry and vaccum. I don't hold out much hope that it'll all get done, but we'll see!


Monday, July 13, 2009

My 2 food loves!

Oh how I love watermelon. I think I could eat watermelon all day long! I can't understand why it can't be a good meal everyday!! Mom and dad brought me one from SA. Ohh it's been soo good to me. I could almost hurt myself eating one.

My 2nd craving is for hotdogs. Not just any hotdogs. I want the Ball Park Franks with the cheese inside. I don't like mustard or ketchup. Just a nice bun with a nice, warm, cheesy hotdog. mmmm.
So that was my lunch today. 2 hotdogs and a nice, big, juicy piece of watermelon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My poor Max...

You know they say when it rains it pours..... I noticed that Max (the cat) has had really bad breath, which isn't normal for a cat. I also noticed he hasn't been eating very much so I knew he needed to see the vet. I took him in today to have him looked at and the vet noticed "sores" on the inside of his mouth. She couldn't get a really good look though b/c it's not easy to get a cat to open it's mouth! She told me she would need to do a mild sedation so she could see what was going on and to make sure there wasn't anything else still in the top of his mouth.

She called me about 30 minutes later to let me know it was not any bite or infection per say, he has Feline FIV. When he was there in March, he tested negative for this. Feline FIV is like Aids in humans. It's not contagious to humans, but the only way he got it would of been from a bite with another male, FIV positive cat. Since he wasn't positive when he was tested in March, it's probable that he go it from a cat around here. *sigh*. My guess would be the cats that just roam across the street b/c the neighbors allow them to breed and then just throw them outside.

Max had a temp of 104, he's lost 2.3 lbs and he was very dehydrated. They pumped him full of fluids, antibiotics and steriods. I also had them clip his nails while he was sedated (makes life a bit easier). She gave him a shot of long lasting antibiotics b/c there would be no way I would get anything into his mouth. The sores on the inside of his mouth are actually his lymphnodes. They are swollen and infected. It's very painful :(

She said some cats with FIV rarely have problems and live a full, long life. Some get flair ups from time to time and others just can't fight it off. We have to do our best to keep Max in the house since he can now infect other male cats. *sighs*. I bought him some can cat food hoping he might be able to eat something softer.

When I got him home, I let him out of the carrier in the bedroom, hoping it would provide him with some privacy and some time to get himself together. I didn't know how he would do since he had been mildly sedatated. He immediatly followed me out and laid on me. He was my shadow, literally! I was really surprised b/c I had taken him to have all those horrible things done to him. But I guess when you don't feel good, you'll take all the lovings you can get.

After a while, I put some of the can cat food into his bowl and brought it over to him. He literally attacked the bowl! I ended up moving him to his normal food area and allowing him to have his fill. He managed to lick most of the gravy and juices out of it. I don't think he ate a lot though. I mixed some more water into the gravy, hoping that it would help. It's a start though. I plan to get him some more can food and feed him some for the next couple of days until he can manage to eat the dry food again.

So 167 later, a FIV positive test, Max is home. If he isn't able to overcome this, I've decided I wont get another cat. I can't subject another cat to the issues that seem to happen around here. Even though I adopted a cat, took him to the vets to be checked out, get all his shots and make sure he's fixed, we still have to pay the high price. It just irks me. I also hate knowing that I have a cat that can potentially infect other male cats.

Ahh when it rains it pours. My poor Maximus Aurelius!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Not been feeling good.

I'm 32w4d today. I had my checkup. Everything looks good...except I don't feel good. I've gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I seem to be swelling a lot. I feel achey and rundown. Almost like I have the flu..except without the fever. The doctor said to just take it easy and call if I start running a fever.

Lane went and spent last week with his moomaw and poopaw. He enjoyed himself! They spoiled him rotten and he managed to do something everyday of the week. He was NOT bored! I missed him while he was gone. The AC went out during that time. We are getting a new unit installed on Tuesday. The AC guy rigged the unit up so it would work until then. I'll be so happy to have a cooler house. We are getting a bigger unit.

4th of July was nice. Mom, dad and travis were here. It was nice to have the family (except caiti) here. We had a cookout at Mike and Karons. Dad painted Lane's new room, so we are that much closer to getting him into it. The new office is coming along nicely. I'll be happy when it's all done. We are looking to get new windows put in this fall. Mom helped me get my lasagna garden going. I wont be able to plant anything until this fall or next spring, but it's a work in progress. I was glad to have the help.

The weather is cooler today. I hope to catch a nap at resttime. Not much else going on around here. Just relaxing. 6 and half weeks until the c-section. I'm ready!