Saturday, July 25, 2009

Supporting the local economy!

We headed to target today to get a small list of things we still needed for Julie. We ended up getting a dresser, baby book, receiving blankets, bouncy chair, front carrier, rug, curtain rods, mini blinds, boppy pillow covers and some hairbows (I couldn't resist).

We came home and first put up the miniblinds and the curtain rods so that her window would match the rest of her room! Mikie also put up the hanging items around her crib. Then we decided to tackle the dresser. I wanted to get her clothes put away and put the rest of the items in her room until we were ready for them (things are piled up in the dinning room and office).

After about 2 hours of working on the dresser, we were just about finished when we realized that the directions were incorrect. What they had written as the back of the dresser was really the front of the dresser. We tired to pull out the metal runners and switch them, but they only fit one way. We thought about changing the front to the back, but then we'd have holes in the front of the dresser. GAR?! We were NOT happy! We called Target and they told us to bring it back exactly as it was and they would take it back and refund us the money. My hubby asked if he could have the display model since he felt he put his work into it already. He was told he'd has to speak to a manager! LOL.

So. After spending $150+ on a dresser, it's ashame to see that the directions were so backwards! What a waste!! I'm very disappointed! This was the first furniture we've bought from Target. I wish there was somewhere on their website to post feedback about the product (It's not listed on there online website, I checked), I'd love to save someone the headache!

Tomorrow we will head back to target to hopefully get another dresser, since I'd really like to get her room finished! I did take pictures of Lane and Mikie during the construction phase, I'll post some of those later. Lane found that the styrofoam packing makes really good "ramps and tracks". Boys are so creative!


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