Monday, July 6, 2009

Not been feeling good.

I'm 32w4d today. I had my checkup. Everything looks good...except I don't feel good. I've gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I seem to be swelling a lot. I feel achey and rundown. Almost like I have the flu..except without the fever. The doctor said to just take it easy and call if I start running a fever.

Lane went and spent last week with his moomaw and poopaw. He enjoyed himself! They spoiled him rotten and he managed to do something everyday of the week. He was NOT bored! I missed him while he was gone. The AC went out during that time. We are getting a new unit installed on Tuesday. The AC guy rigged the unit up so it would work until then. I'll be so happy to have a cooler house. We are getting a bigger unit.

4th of July was nice. Mom, dad and travis were here. It was nice to have the family (except caiti) here. We had a cookout at Mike and Karons. Dad painted Lane's new room, so we are that much closer to getting him into it. The new office is coming along nicely. I'll be happy when it's all done. We are looking to get new windows put in this fall. Mom helped me get my lasagna garden going. I wont be able to plant anything until this fall or next spring, but it's a work in progress. I was glad to have the help.

The weather is cooler today. I hope to catch a nap at resttime. Not much else going on around here. Just relaxing. 6 and half weeks until the c-section. I'm ready!


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