Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Website Dedicated to Lily Onderko

Website Dedicated to Lily Onderko.

I just thought I would share this blogspot that was dedicated to Lily Onderko. Lily was my cousin's little girl that died shorly after birth due to a CHD. I wanted to share her blogspot about her life because I think it's important to remember her and to help support her cause.

http://lilyonderko. blogspot. com/

They are also taking donations in her memory to help other families who also have babies born with CHD.

https://www. kintera. org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge. asp?ievent=261528&supid=205352659

If you can't spare the money I understand, but if you can, it is tax deductible and you are helping to support a great cause/organization.

Thank you!

~danielle, mikie and lane~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prayer shawl complete!

This is my FIRST Crochet FO!!!! I did this for the prayer shawl ministries that my church recently started. It is done in Caron Simply Soft, white. There are some flaws to it, but it gives it character and love! I was very impressed with how fast I picked up the simple crochet stitch and it took me about a week to do it. I used 2 full skeins of yarn and I think someone will be completely wrapped in love when they get this!


Roy's Toys and trains!

Tonight was the open house for the new Roys Toys and Trains tonight.They had food and gave away neat prizes! But the cool thing was they gave out tickets to go ride the Jefferson RR train for FREE tonight!

With all the gas prices going up and things costing way more than they are worth we were all for this. Lane LOVED the new store and they have a bunch of neat hobby things inside! I recommend checking it out if you live in or near Jefferson. It's across from the fudge shop in town! They have way more stuff than just trains.It's more like a multi hobby store!

The center table will eventually be trains going in and out of Jefferson. They are doing a model of j-town. In the window they will eventually have 5 tiers of trains! Right now there are 2 and one is the Hogwarts train.Way cool!

Anyway, I put in some pictures of our evening.Lane had such a blast! We'll definitely be spending some time in the store :)


Friday, May 9, 2008

Pictures of my new haircut!

Ok so I don't take pictures well but here is a picture of my new hair cut and highlights. Kathy Patrick did a wonderful job and I just wanted to post some pictures. It even looks great today. You know you can't ever make it look the same as when you came from the stylist! Well today it looks good. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!

The perfect mother's day gift.. From one mother to another.

A wonderful Mother's day gift!

So I was in church last week and it was my first week back since I lost the baby. So I knew it might be a little hard as people would ask me questions and I was prepared to handle them.After church I went down to the nursery to get Lane (he loves it there) and I was approached by a woman I knew a little bit named Kathy Patrick. She came up to me with tears in her eyes and told me that she wanted me to do something for her. She explained to me that her mother disowned her last year on mother's day and this year was going to be really tough on her. She knew that no gift or anything she could do for her mom would change things so she wanted to do something for me! She handed me her card and said I would love to do your hair for you for mother's day! I was in shock because that was the exact thing I had asked Mikie and Lane to do for me for mother's day.

So I made an appointment and went last night at 5 to get my hair done. She did some beautiful highlights and a nice cut (took about 5 inches off) and we talked and I met her girls. It was a wonderful 2 hours. I found out we have a lot in common! She was a lifeguard, she played the clarinet in band and in marching band plus she was an art major in college.It was really wonderful.

So the moral of my story is, it's nice to do something for someone else. Kind of like a pay it forward thing.

Also if you're ever in Jefferson (or leave here) and have not visited Beauty and the Book (across from farmer's and next to the old texaco brick building) you should stop in and see all that she has to offer.If you're looking to get your hair done sometime, she's absolutely wonderful and a good christian woman!

Just thought I would share my wonderful Mother's day experience from one mother to another!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prayer Shawl ministries!

On Tuesday I went to a meeting at church and we are starting a prayer shawl ministry. I took my nana with me even though she doesn't go to our church, but I thought it might be something nice for her to go and do. It was just up the road for an hour and I knew she needed the time away from her "crazy" house. Poor nana.

I decided I wanted to try crocheting a prayer shawl. I haven't done much with crochet but I thought it might do me some good. So I brought my knitting needles and crochet hooks, firguring if someone wanted to learn to knit I could show them while we were there. I took some caron simply soft white yarn to start with.

I am doing ok so far! I like to crochet. It's much faster. I'm a bit slow at it though, after watching some of the women. But it's coming along nicely.

I'll post pictures when I'm done. I'm almost finished with 1 skein of yarn (it takes around 3).


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seriously? Socks are DONE!

So there they are. In all their glory! They are finally finished! They are cute and I'm glad to have completed a nice pair of socks for myself. Unfortunately it wasn't in time for the preemire of Grey's, but still nice to have them done so I can wear them! I used a stitch from the Sensational Knitted Socks book. It was easy and cute! I used the tutorial Silver has the one toe up sock on 2 circular needles method. I really liked it. Once I got the hang of short row heels, the rest was a breeze! Thanks Silver!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Doctor's Visit

So I had my "checkup" after my D&C today. She said my uterus is going back to normal size and I seem to be "bouncing back" well.

She told me I needed to wait 2-3 cycles before we started trying again. She suggested I start taking prenatel vitamins as soon we start trying again. I asked her about using NPC to help increase the level of progestrone. She didn't feel that would really help.I believe I will use it anyway b/c it helps me with my endometriosis and any extra progestrone can't hurt me!

She also says she believes I have an inccompotent cervix. She said when she went to do the D&C I was completely dilated. There's no way to know for sure if it just dilated or if the pressure from the baby caused it to dilate.So next round, we may need to sew my cervix shut! Yeah that'll be fun!So yeah that's everything in a nut shell!

Hopefully we will be better prepared for next round!