Thursday, May 15, 2008

Roy's Toys and trains!

Tonight was the open house for the new Roys Toys and Trains tonight.They had food and gave away neat prizes! But the cool thing was they gave out tickets to go ride the Jefferson RR train for FREE tonight!

With all the gas prices going up and things costing way more than they are worth we were all for this. Lane LOVED the new store and they have a bunch of neat hobby things inside! I recommend checking it out if you live in or near Jefferson. It's across from the fudge shop in town! They have way more stuff than just trains.It's more like a multi hobby store!

The center table will eventually be trains going in and out of Jefferson. They are doing a model of j-town. In the window they will eventually have 5 tiers of trains! Right now there are 2 and one is the Hogwarts train.Way cool!

Anyway, I put in some pictures of our evening.Lane had such a blast! We'll definitely be spending some time in the store :)


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RoysToysinJefferson said...

Thnx, Danielle, for having fun with us at the OpenHouse, you'll have to come again for our Grand Opening over the 4th of July weekend -- lots more prizes, food and fun!

We'll be having another Knitting Workshop in August sometime, in the meantime, we're having Watercolor Workshops all July, all FREE and lots of fun.

Thanx and come see us some more, we get new things in every week!
Roy and Vicki