Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ok I went to Canton Texas today to the massive flea market. There was so much STUFF there and so many people. Next time I'd like to go back with just my mom (leave lane at home with his daddy). Then we can browse a bit more I think. I didn't find much in the way of yarn though. Nothing that called out to me. Next time maybe.

I took the oddball blanket #5 and gave it to my mom. I think she'll enjoy knitting on it. She's been knitting wool hats and blankets for charities in afgahnastain (sp). So this will be right up her ally! I'm glad I was able to take part in it and I can't wait to receive oddball blanket #2 and the oddball lapghan #2!

I started the comfort shawl for my nana. I'm doing it in Lion Brand baby soft. It started out a bit rough, mainly b/c the pattern was a bit wordie. But I got if figured out. I am having a small problem with one row of the lace pattern, one open area doesn't match up with the rest of the rows. I'm going to take a crochet hook and see if I can fix it. *crosses her fingers*. If worse comes to worse, I frog 2 rows. We'll see.

My secret swap pal received her stuff last week. It was HollyP in Yorktown Virginia. She seemed to really like the sock yarns and the other goodies. I hope she posts pictures of her finished socks, just so I can see how the yarn knits up :)

I haven't received my box yet. Soon I hope!

So that's it. Still working on my combo corset-t. Put that on hold for a bit while I work on this christmas present. I've got about 14 inches of the 22 1/4 inches. I'm getting there :) Ribbing is not my favorite :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I've completed my part of the oddball blanket #5. I used a caron yarn. I'm not sure of the actually color b/c my parents get it whole sale and it comes listed as "Mill ends" in 1lb increments. It's beautiful though. It's got burgandy's, greens, blues, oranges and such in it. I think it really compliments the other colors. I did a 5 stitch pattern called "divided blocks". It was easy but I thought it gave a really nice pattern across the blanket.

I really enjoyed working on this blanket and I can't wait to see it progress. I'm sure with all the hands, time, thoughts and prayers that will go into this blanket, it will be blessed when it reaches its forever home!

I'm proud to say I've worked on this blanket with my fellow knitters!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Oddball blanket #5

I received Oddball blanket #5 in the mail on Saturday. We had lane's 3rd birthday party so I didn't get time to really look it over or even to knit on it!

Today Lane was unusually cooperative and so I was able to pick out some yarn and a realtively easy pattern and started working. I've done about an inch so far today and hope to knit a bit more tonight after dinner.

I'm so excited to be able to work on this project! It means a lot to me to be able to give back to someone else. We don't have a lot of money to donate but I do have yarn and time to donate :)

I've also signed up to do oddball blanket #2 (I switched from blanket #4), oddball lapghan #2 and to knit a square to two for Shandeh who will be making white christmas afghan to donate to her church! I'm really enjoying my charity work and plan/hope to do more in the future!


PS I'll post pictures of the blanket #5 before I send it on to the next person!