Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling the blues!

This week has been a worldwind of emotions! I had Julie on Friday, we were able to come home Sunday afternoon, Lane started school Monday morning and I went from having 2 kiddos back to 1 kiddo. I am happy to have the time to bond with Julie, but I feel like part of my job is missing. Everything seems to make me tear up!

I'm so happy when Lane comes home from school and then I'm sad when he goes to bed. I only get about 4 hours with him once he gets home from school before it's time to take his bath, get his medicine and go to bed! Ugh this is definitely harder than I thought it would be!

During the day I'm back to spending a lot of time by myself since Mikie is at work and Julie is doing a lot of sleeping. I know this wont last long, but just a lot of changes at once!

I didn't have the "blues" after Lane, but I certainly feel it this time! I hope it doesn't last long. I hate to cry and I know Mikie hates to see me cry. One step at a time. I'm glad it's almost the weekend and Mikie isn't working. Atleast I can spend it with all my family!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here is a picture of Mikie all decked out in his "scrubs" before my c-section. Blue really is such a nice color on him!
We had to be at the hospital at 6am for my 7:30am c-section. I didn't sleep much the night before (surprise surprise). We arrived and I was put in an exam room to prep for surgery. They hooked up monitors to get her heartrate and to check all my vitals. I managed to get the nurse to do my cathater AFTER I was drugged up (score 1 for me). They did my IV in my left hand and it went surpisingly well. I managed to have a good bowel movement on my own before we left for surgery as well.
They took me into the surgical room and handed Mikie his scrubs to get dressed while they prepped me. I had a really good anesthesiologist who talked me through the entire spinal block procedure beforehand. It only hurt for about 20 seconds and then they laid me down and I started to get numb! I was then given the cathetor which I never felt and waited while they finished prepping and for Dr. Gaskin to come in. I had a small reaction to the meds, which made me chest feel very heavy. I was given some meds and it immediatly felt better.
Dr Gaskin came in and they brought Mikie in to sit next to me. They started to cut me open and I could tell something wasn't quite right. I could hear them talking of course and it turns out I had/have a lot of scar tissue, thick bands of it it seems. About half way through, I started to "feel" some pain and a lot of pressure. I was told it was them trying to get through all the scar tissue, 2 more minutes (or less) and the baby would be out. It wasn't uncontrollable pain, but uncomfortable that's for sure. It took 2 or 3 people to pop her out!
I heard her scream as they pulled her out and then it got quiet. They told Mikie he could peek over the drap to see her. The anesthesiologist said "well what is it". I said "well it better be a girl" and Dr. Gaskin goes "oh honey, it's a girl!" She was taken over to the baby area, which I could see and I saw some dark hair!!!!!
Mikie got up and walked over and they spent 5 minutes or so cleaning her up, taking her finger/feet prints. The whole time I could see some of what they were doing (more the flainging of arms and legs, but still). Finally they handed her to Mikie and he came and sat down next to me. This time (unlike with lane's c-section) my arms weren't strapped to the table so I could touch and kiss her.
He probably sat there with me and Julie for 5 minutes or so before they headed to the nursery and it was time to close me up. I decided against the sedation and just tried to relax while they closed me up. It took about 30 minutes. Then the shakes started of course. Which was explained to me that I really am cold, even though my skin is warm b/c of the IV they are pumping me with which is much cooler than my body.
Later Dr. Gaskin came in to talk to me. He explained to me the reason it took as long as it did was because of all the scar tissue. He told me I was a mess.. literally. He advised against having another baby b/c he felt it would be really difficult to get the baby out (even more so than it was this time). So in other words, no more babies. Mikie and I had already said we would be happy with 2, but it gives you a little different feeling when someone else makes the discussion for you.
He did tell me he'd be willing to do a full hysterectomy for me in a couple of years, regardless of my age b/c he now knows what my inside looks like. He also told me, it's no surprise that I experience as much pain as I do....
So.. in a nutshell, the c-section went well, but there definitely wont be anymore babies. We will have to work on find a way (savings, insurance, etc) to fund a hysterectomy in a few years (around 10k). One day at a time though. Our daughter is beautiful, happy and healthy. We have the perfect family..

Lane's First Day of School!

Lane started Pre-K yesterday!! He was very excited about it. I was a little sad as I felt like I had a lot of changes this weekend with the birth of Julie and now my son going off to school. Mikie took him to school since I was unable to drive. I got up and watched him get dressed and Mikie took some pictures for me. He was ready to go!

I found out that another friend of ours took some pictures of Lane outside the school and with her son. I can't wait to see how those turned out!

Yesterday I went with Mikie to pick up from school. His teacher did the most wonderful thing! She took a picture of Lane sitting at his desk and printed it out! She told Mikie to tell me, she wanted me to have a picture of him at school since I wasn't able to be there myself. I just wanted to cry!!!! It's the hormones, but it was the most perfect thing she could of done for me (us).

He told us about school yesterday. He had a good time. He told me he thought he would like go back! I was so happy to hear that. Sad, b/c he didn't "miss" me, but glad he enjoyed himself!

Here are a few pictures of him ready for his first day!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie Amber Woods has arrived!

Julie Amber Woods was born at 8:07am via c-section on Friday August 21st (Mikie's birthday). She weighed 7lbs 11.3oz. She was 19 inches long! Lane was only slighty bigger when he was born.

She has lots of dark hair, which is great for hairbows and headbands! I had enough indigestion, that it's no surprise she had hair!

She have chubby checks and everyone says she looks like Mike and Mikie!!

The c-section went ok for me. I have a lot of scar tissue, which caused the c-section to take a little longer.

We were able to come home today (Sunday). Julie and I are having some issues nursing, but we are trying to work through them. Hopefully as my milk comes in, she will latch better.

Lane loves his new baby sister. He even wanted to hold her after the 2nd day. He's going to be such a great big brother!

Mikie is the "dotting" father. He's so gentle and loving and looks really cute holding a little girl all dressed up in frills and bows!

Pictures to follow shortly! :)

~danielle, mikie, lane and julie~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful neice!

Alli, my neice, turns 6 years old today! I still remember when she was born! I can't believe how big the beautiful, blue eyed girl has gotten! She is having her party on Saturday and I wont be able to make it b/c I'll still be in the hospital!

We made her up a new no sew fleece blanket. It has dogs all over it! I hope she will like it. Then Karon can have her horse blanket back I made for her for christmas!!!!

Less than 24 hours to go! Need to do the grocery shopping and pay some bills today. My parents will be here this afternoon and my sister will be here late tonight!

We have to leave here at 5:30am in the morning! Here's for the last day of being pregnant and feeling the baby move inside of me! I wont miss the swollen ankles, the indigestion, the lack of sleep, sore joints/muscles, being physically ill, or the extra 45lbs I put on!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friday is the day!

I went yesterday to see the doctor and my contractions just aren't close enough and I'm only dilated a tiny bit. So back home I went.

I did all my pre-op test stuff yesterday. They took lots of blood and urine samples. They gave me a list of things to do before surgery and things not to do before surgery and all the rules for the maternity ward.

My c-section is scheduled for 7:30am on August 21st in Marshall at the Good Shepard Hospital. I have to be at the hospital at 6am for prep work and to get me ready for surgery. I can't eat or drink after midnight on Thursday and I have to shower with some really great smelling "skin cleaner" so I'm good and germfree for surgery!

Hopefully, since my surgery is so early I can go home sometime on sunday! Mom and dad will be here tomorrow afternoon. My sister is coming sometime this weekend and I think my bro is stuck working, so! Less than 48 hours and life is about to change! Lane is excited though! :)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still no baby!

Today I am 38w3d pregnant. I had Lane at 38w2d!!! I was hoping Julie would make her grand appearance early, but I'm starting to feel like I might be pregnant forever! I know that's silly since my c-section is scheduled for Friday, August 21st at 7:30am, but....Friday seems so far away! Sleeping has become very hard. I'm up every hour because I either have to pee or my joints/limbs hurt or go numb. It's a pretty bad feeling. I try to catch sleep whenver I can!

Mom and dad left for Cancun today! They have joked all along that she would make her appearance now that they have left the states! LOL. A friend of mine and Mikie's also has the same due date and she decided that 8-17-09 (monday) would be a good day to have the babies. 8 minus 17 equals 9. That makes it easy for us to remember! She's 6 hours ahead of me (in england) so it's time for her to get moving. I'll take my walk tonight and hope that all works out!

Lane has been very curious about how the baby is going to come out. We've told him some of it, like that they will give mommy medicine and mommy wont feel anything, but that when he comes to visit, there will be some tubes and such in mommy's arm and mommy might be really tired. We don't want him to be scared when he comes to the hospital. He understands that mommy will have to stay there for about 3 days. He asked if they were going to cut a "door" into my belly, which yes, in a sense they are. Then he wanted to know if there would be a door knob on there! LOL. No door knob. Kiddos are so funny!

I think that we are about as ready as we'll ever be for Julie to get here. Lane has everything he needs to start school (the first day is August 24th). His daddy is going to take him and he's going to get to meet his teacher on Thursday night! He's counting down the "night sleeps" until this happens!

Lane is also completely potty trained! We have found that if we get him up around 11pm-midnight, before we go to bed and let him pee, he can stay dry the rest of the night. He is very pleased with himself and I'm glad he's finally able to tell his "friends" that he's potty trained! He's such a big boy! We are so proud of him!

Nothing else really new here. I post a lot on Facebook. Just trying to pass the time until something worth while happens!

Off to start dinner. We are having steak, baked potatoes and corn on the cob! We'll see how much I can truly eat!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

36w5d picture

I wasn't going to take another picture b/c I feel huge and I'm rather swollen (thank you texas heat). BUT I did anyway. I'm 36w5d in this picture. Lane is my photographer btw. He didn't do too bad. I didn't have any pictures of his fingers or of himself! LOL.

I had a checkup yesterday. Lots of contractions lately, but no progress. The doctor said it's safe to go into labor anytime now. 37 weeks (thursday) is considered full term! Hopefully it wont be too much longer. I have a hard time breathing b/c she's up in my ribs and the idea of food makes me sick.

Not too much longer though....

Julie's room picture!

Here are two pictures of Julie's room! It's almost done with it. I'll then try and take some final pictures! The pink in the curtains gives the room a soft pink hue. The color in the room is actually called "muslim wrap". We are hoping to get new carpet put in the bedroom before too long too, so please ignore the ugly grey floor!