Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling the blues!

This week has been a worldwind of emotions! I had Julie on Friday, we were able to come home Sunday afternoon, Lane started school Monday morning and I went from having 2 kiddos back to 1 kiddo. I am happy to have the time to bond with Julie, but I feel like part of my job is missing. Everything seems to make me tear up!

I'm so happy when Lane comes home from school and then I'm sad when he goes to bed. I only get about 4 hours with him once he gets home from school before it's time to take his bath, get his medicine and go to bed! Ugh this is definitely harder than I thought it would be!

During the day I'm back to spending a lot of time by myself since Mikie is at work and Julie is doing a lot of sleeping. I know this wont last long, but just a lot of changes at once!

I didn't have the "blues" after Lane, but I certainly feel it this time! I hope it doesn't last long. I hate to cry and I know Mikie hates to see me cry. One step at a time. I'm glad it's almost the weekend and Mikie isn't working. Atleast I can spend it with all my family!



The Charters said...

Hang in there Danielle - it'll get better and you will get into a routine. That will help. I have been feeling a little similiar after having Noah. It was hard to have everything so crazy after he was born and in the NICU. We had to send my other kids to my sisters and for the first time I didn't have them around for several days. This second week has been better and I am hoping next week will be even better. Keep your chin up and a few tears never hurt anyone. :)

Alliree said...

ohh Danie I still sometime burst into tears when Erik gets on the bus. I think its a total mom thing.