Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful neice!

Alli, my neice, turns 6 years old today! I still remember when she was born! I can't believe how big the beautiful, blue eyed girl has gotten! She is having her party on Saturday and I wont be able to make it b/c I'll still be in the hospital!

We made her up a new no sew fleece blanket. It has dogs all over it! I hope she will like it. Then Karon can have her horse blanket back I made for her for christmas!!!!

Less than 24 hours to go! Need to do the grocery shopping and pay some bills today. My parents will be here this afternoon and my sister will be here late tonight!

We have to leave here at 5:30am in the morning! Here's for the last day of being pregnant and feeling the baby move inside of me! I wont miss the swollen ankles, the indigestion, the lack of sleep, sore joints/muscles, being physically ill, or the extra 45lbs I put on!


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