Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lane's First Day of School!

Lane started Pre-K yesterday!! He was very excited about it. I was a little sad as I felt like I had a lot of changes this weekend with the birth of Julie and now my son going off to school. Mikie took him to school since I was unable to drive. I got up and watched him get dressed and Mikie took some pictures for me. He was ready to go!

I found out that another friend of ours took some pictures of Lane outside the school and with her son. I can't wait to see how those turned out!

Yesterday I went with Mikie to pick up from school. His teacher did the most wonderful thing! She took a picture of Lane sitting at his desk and printed it out! She told Mikie to tell me, she wanted me to have a picture of him at school since I wasn't able to be there myself. I just wanted to cry!!!! It's the hormones, but it was the most perfect thing she could of done for me (us).

He told us about school yesterday. He had a good time. He told me he thought he would like go back! I was so happy to hear that. Sad, b/c he didn't "miss" me, but glad he enjoyed himself!

Here are a few pictures of him ready for his first day!


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