Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here is a picture of Mikie all decked out in his "scrubs" before my c-section. Blue really is such a nice color on him!
We had to be at the hospital at 6am for my 7:30am c-section. I didn't sleep much the night before (surprise surprise). We arrived and I was put in an exam room to prep for surgery. They hooked up monitors to get her heartrate and to check all my vitals. I managed to get the nurse to do my cathater AFTER I was drugged up (score 1 for me). They did my IV in my left hand and it went surpisingly well. I managed to have a good bowel movement on my own before we left for surgery as well.
They took me into the surgical room and handed Mikie his scrubs to get dressed while they prepped me. I had a really good anesthesiologist who talked me through the entire spinal block procedure beforehand. It only hurt for about 20 seconds and then they laid me down and I started to get numb! I was then given the cathetor which I never felt and waited while they finished prepping and for Dr. Gaskin to come in. I had a small reaction to the meds, which made me chest feel very heavy. I was given some meds and it immediatly felt better.
Dr Gaskin came in and they brought Mikie in to sit next to me. They started to cut me open and I could tell something wasn't quite right. I could hear them talking of course and it turns out I had/have a lot of scar tissue, thick bands of it it seems. About half way through, I started to "feel" some pain and a lot of pressure. I was told it was them trying to get through all the scar tissue, 2 more minutes (or less) and the baby would be out. It wasn't uncontrollable pain, but uncomfortable that's for sure. It took 2 or 3 people to pop her out!
I heard her scream as they pulled her out and then it got quiet. They told Mikie he could peek over the drap to see her. The anesthesiologist said "well what is it". I said "well it better be a girl" and Dr. Gaskin goes "oh honey, it's a girl!" She was taken over to the baby area, which I could see and I saw some dark hair!!!!!
Mikie got up and walked over and they spent 5 minutes or so cleaning her up, taking her finger/feet prints. The whole time I could see some of what they were doing (more the flainging of arms and legs, but still). Finally they handed her to Mikie and he came and sat down next to me. This time (unlike with lane's c-section) my arms weren't strapped to the table so I could touch and kiss her.
He probably sat there with me and Julie for 5 minutes or so before they headed to the nursery and it was time to close me up. I decided against the sedation and just tried to relax while they closed me up. It took about 30 minutes. Then the shakes started of course. Which was explained to me that I really am cold, even though my skin is warm b/c of the IV they are pumping me with which is much cooler than my body.
Later Dr. Gaskin came in to talk to me. He explained to me the reason it took as long as it did was because of all the scar tissue. He told me I was a mess.. literally. He advised against having another baby b/c he felt it would be really difficult to get the baby out (even more so than it was this time). So in other words, no more babies. Mikie and I had already said we would be happy with 2, but it gives you a little different feeling when someone else makes the discussion for you.
He did tell me he'd be willing to do a full hysterectomy for me in a couple of years, regardless of my age b/c he now knows what my inside looks like. He also told me, it's no surprise that I experience as much pain as I do....
So.. in a nutshell, the c-section went well, but there definitely wont be anymore babies. We will have to work on find a way (savings, insurance, etc) to fund a hysterectomy in a few years (around 10k). One day at a time though. Our daughter is beautiful, happy and healthy. We have the perfect family..

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