Monday, January 31, 2011

New Years resolution update #2

Just wanted to leave a little update here about my New Years Resolution!

1. I have read two more books; Gone Green by Judy Christie and Marked by P.C Cast. This puts my total to 4 books for the month of January. I'm 3/4 of the way through another book!

2. I have been working on cleaning out the office. We threw away a trash bag full of stuff this week. I have gotten all the shelves dusted and looked through the books. I want to get a rubber maid container to put some of my "keep" books in to put under the bed. I think that will help free up some space in the office. Still a long way to go!

3. I closed out my first show for the year at $483. It was a successfull party and I had a great time. I also spoke with Donna Roy at home office and had a conference call with my team. I'm hoping Jessica to prepare for her first party! Definitely headed in a positive direction!

That's about as good as it gets :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why I bother to post my "scores"

So my sister calls me today to tell me what a dork I am for posting my "scores". She says that "no one cares what you bought at CVS or Walgreens" and that I needed to "get a life". LOL!! Ahhh the life of a 19 year old.

I don't post my "scores" because I honestly believe you "care" what I get at the store, I post them because I feel it might help someone else who's "learning" to coupon. I'm trying to show that it IS doable, at whatever scale you feel comfortable doing it at.

I recently watched the "Extreme Couponing" show on TLC and I was floored by the "scores" those people got. I was also a bit disappointed to see the "hoarding" that was done (not by everyone)!

I totally get the "high" you feel when you are able to get good deals. There's NO reason you should have to pay full price for much of anything anymore. I'm not perfect in my "scores" and I don't have all the answers. I'm just reading/researching and learning how I can best use our money to buy the most amount of items. I feel like I'm able to buy more things then I'd ever bought before on a tight budget. I'm even buying items we don't normally have the "luxary" of having. Why not stretch that dollar so instead of only being 100 pennies, it might be 110 or 150!! It's YOUR money!!

I hope my "scores" inspire you to try couponing/sales at whatever "level" you'd like to learn to save!

My goal to to never clear shelves and I try to only purchase what I feel my family can use in a resonable amount of time or what I can reasonably give or donate. There are others in the same boat, trying to spread their dollar and I don't feel comfortable clearing shelves just so I can stockpile years worth of an item!

Here's to learning about couponing and I might recommend a few sites to check out. I do all my deal searches on these sites! (my very FIRST introduction to couponing) (great place to see if there is a coupon available and where you might find it). (great place to find coupon codes for retail business and just about anything else you want codes for).


CVS 1/21

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2 bags of Halls Cough Drops - Sale 2/$3 with a $1.00 off of 2 coupon
Nyquil - Sale $4.99, $1.50 coupon
Colgate Tooth paste - Sale $2.99, $1.00 Coupon
Crest Pro-health Tooth Paste - Sale $2.99, 2 $.75 coupons
I paid $5.48 (5 coupons, $6.48 ECB). I RECEIVED 6 ECB to use next trip. SO I was actually PAID to shop again at CVS!

Walgreens 1/21/11

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Walgreens wasn't as big of a hit for me as I'd of liked, but I'm still happy with what I walked away with!
Huggies baby wipes - $1.99 (no sale or coupons, but I needed these for a baby gift project and filler item).
Carefree Pads - $1.49 - Used a $.50 Wags coupon and a $.50 MFC
Charmin $2.99 on sale
Carmel - $.35 filler item.
I paid $1.97 (used 1 MFC, 1 Wags coupon and $4 RR). I saved $5.50 today but did not receive any more RR :(

Friday, January 14, 2011

Walgreens 1/14

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Special K cereal 2 for $5 - coupon B1G1, $2RR
Shout and Fantastik - 2 $5 - coupons $.55, $.75; $1 RR
2 Bic Razors (bonus boxes; 12 razors total) $4.99 each- Coupons B1G1, $1 RR
I had $1.50 in RR for last week. I spent 10.29 and received $4 RR for next week! I saved $20.25 between coupons, sales and RR!!

CVS score 1/14

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I thought I would try and post my "scores" when I do my shopping. It might help others and will also help for me to see how I'm doing!
Triamnic Thing Strips 2 for $10 w/ 2 $2.00 coupons
Nature Valley Honey and Oats granola bars 3 for $10 w/ 3 $.50 coupons, ECB $4
Puppy Waterfall toy regularly $19.99 - 75% off sale = $4.99
1 Snickers bar $.89 , ECB for $.89 (ate that in the car)
1 Reese P&B Cup $1.59, ECB for $1.59
Finish Powerball tablets 3.00 w/ $.75 coupon
Excederin extra strength w/ 8 Excedrin PM for $4.79, coupon FREE
I had $13 in ECB from last week. I spent $11.72 and received $6.48 in ECB. I saved $47.18 between sales, coupons and ecb!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My babies in the snow!

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Lane and Julie in the snow! Julie wasn't too sure about it. She wouldn't let me pull her hands out of her jacket! She just kind of stood there and looked around. I think she liked it though. Lane, on the other hand, had a blast! He's checks were all red from the cold snow and his clothes were all wet! I think this is the 4th time he's seen snow! Glad they got the chance to enjoy it. Now I'm ready for it to go away :)

New Years Resolution Update #1

So I thought I would try to update weekly or biweekly of how I'm doing with my new years resolutions. I hope this will help give me some accountability and to track my progress (whether good or bad).

Mikie and I attended bible study this week and we talked about baptism. This is an interesting topic between the two of us since we come from different backgrounds of faith (mikie baptist and myself methodist). In the baptist faith they don't baptise babies. When a child becomes of age and decides to accept Christ, they are then baptised (usually full emersion). Mikie was baptised when he was around 13 years of age and made the decision to ask Christ into his heart/life. The Methodist baptise usually when a baby is little and it's more of a "dedicating" the baby to Christ. It's a decision made by the parents to raise their child in the faith. We then have a "confirmation" when a child/young adult decides they want to accept Christ into their life/heart. It's interesting how different the two are, yet how similar. But regardless of how it's done, we both feel the children need to be brought up with an understanding of God and the importance in being a believer/follower and when the time is right, allowing them to take Christ into their hearts/life.

I have read two books this week: Karen Kingsbury - Rejoice (4th book in the redemption series) and Reunion (5th/last book in the redemption series). I don't think I'll have a problem reading 2 books a month, I guess that was shooting a bit low :)

I have signed up my first recruit to my Vantel Pearls business! I'm thrilled to death when Jessica Nelson called me to tell me she wanted to sign! She should be receiving her kit this week and start her journey with Vantel Pearls! I pray she gets everything she wants from VP b/c it's been a blessing for me and for my family!

I finished a pair of beaded socks for my mom. I've ment to do it for weeks now and they are done and mailed. This is part of my complete some "UFO's"!

Not too bad for my first full week!