Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Resolution Update #1

So I thought I would try to update weekly or biweekly of how I'm doing with my new years resolutions. I hope this will help give me some accountability and to track my progress (whether good or bad).

Mikie and I attended bible study this week and we talked about baptism. This is an interesting topic between the two of us since we come from different backgrounds of faith (mikie baptist and myself methodist). In the baptist faith they don't baptise babies. When a child becomes of age and decides to accept Christ, they are then baptised (usually full emersion). Mikie was baptised when he was around 13 years of age and made the decision to ask Christ into his heart/life. The Methodist baptise usually when a baby is little and it's more of a "dedicating" the baby to Christ. It's a decision made by the parents to raise their child in the faith. We then have a "confirmation" when a child/young adult decides they want to accept Christ into their life/heart. It's interesting how different the two are, yet how similar. But regardless of how it's done, we both feel the children need to be brought up with an understanding of God and the importance in being a believer/follower and when the time is right, allowing them to take Christ into their hearts/life.

I have read two books this week: Karen Kingsbury - Rejoice (4th book in the redemption series) and Reunion (5th/last book in the redemption series). I don't think I'll have a problem reading 2 books a month, I guess that was shooting a bit low :)

I have signed up my first recruit to my Vantel Pearls business! I'm thrilled to death when Jessica Nelson called me to tell me she wanted to sign! She should be receiving her kit this week and start her journey with Vantel Pearls! I pray she gets everything she wants from VP b/c it's been a blessing for me and for my family!

I finished a pair of beaded socks for my mom. I've ment to do it for weeks now and they are done and mailed. This is part of my complete some "UFO's"!

Not too bad for my first full week!

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