Monday, January 31, 2011

New Years resolution update #2

Just wanted to leave a little update here about my New Years Resolution!

1. I have read two more books; Gone Green by Judy Christie and Marked by P.C Cast. This puts my total to 4 books for the month of January. I'm 3/4 of the way through another book!

2. I have been working on cleaning out the office. We threw away a trash bag full of stuff this week. I have gotten all the shelves dusted and looked through the books. I want to get a rubber maid container to put some of my "keep" books in to put under the bed. I think that will help free up some space in the office. Still a long way to go!

3. I closed out my first show for the year at $483. It was a successfull party and I had a great time. I also spoke with Donna Roy at home office and had a conference call with my team. I'm hoping Jessica to prepare for her first party! Definitely headed in a positive direction!

That's about as good as it gets :)

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