Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julie Amber Woods has arrived!

Julie Amber Woods was born at 8:07am via c-section on Friday August 21st (Mikie's birthday). She weighed 7lbs 11.3oz. She was 19 inches long! Lane was only slighty bigger when he was born.

She has lots of dark hair, which is great for hairbows and headbands! I had enough indigestion, that it's no surprise she had hair!

She have chubby checks and everyone says she looks like Mike and Mikie!!

The c-section went ok for me. I have a lot of scar tissue, which caused the c-section to take a little longer.

We were able to come home today (Sunday). Julie and I are having some issues nursing, but we are trying to work through them. Hopefully as my milk comes in, she will latch better.

Lane loves his new baby sister. He even wanted to hold her after the 2nd day. He's going to be such a great big brother!

Mikie is the "dotting" father. He's so gentle and loving and looks really cute holding a little girl all dressed up in frills and bows!

Pictures to follow shortly! :)

~danielle, mikie, lane and julie~

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