Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adjusting to a new life style!

There has been lots of changes the past two weeks. Julie, is of course on her own schedule, which makes things harder for me. I'm such a planned person it's hard for me to just "go with the flow", but I'm managing! She has become a sleep fighter. I was really hoping she wouldn't get that trait from me, like her brother did. Ahhh my mother is just jumping with joy for the fact I got another one "just like me". We are working with it and I'm finding a few tricks that seem to help!

Lane is enjoying school! He is up at 7am (usually without me waking him) and most days he gets up and gets dressed, brushes his hair and teeth and watches tv until it's time to go! He eats breakfast at school with his class and then we pack a lunch. He gets the best of both worlds! He has many friends, most of which he talks about, happen to be girls. Why am I not surprised? Today he told me they learned about ears. He is supposed to use his ears to listen! I said it was a wonderful thing that God gave him ears so he could listen. He surely thought so!

Mikie had to have a root canal yesterday. It took 4 hours to do it and it was long sitting with Julie waiting for him. He had to take a pain pill last night, but he's feeling better today. He goes back next month for a crown. The dentist is working with us and isn't going to charge us until they do the crown. It's going to be about 1600 and since we don't have insurance, we'll be paying for it all. Ahhh.. the joys. He has some more dental work that will need to be done, but will have to wait until we can pay this off first. Then I'll need to see the dentist.

This weekend is labor day weekend. We have nothing planned, but to spend time with the family! Rebecca, my best friend from Ohio will be here next Tuesday. Lane's birthday is next Friday and we'll have his party next Saturday at Pump It Up in Longview. He's really excited! I can't believe he'll be 5. Where does the time go!

I'm hoping to start scrapbooking again some during the day. I need to catch up on Lane's (of course) and start on Julie's. One day I'll be closer to having some complete albums!


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