Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feeling sick!

I haven't felt great this last week. I seem to get so sick to my stomach. I haven't gotten physically sick yet, but sometimes it feels like it might be better if I did! I am taking my vitamin right before I go to bed at night. That seems to help a little bit. I go to see the doctor tomorrow. Maybe she will have some more suggestions for me.

Lane and I are also traveling to San Antonio tomorrow. My brother is flying in today to do some job interview/testing stuff. If he is accepted, he will have to be here to start training in Mid may. So that'll be exciting to have him a bit closer!

I have been knitting my palindrome hat. I have another inch and half and I can start the decrease. Maybe I'll be able to get that done today! I'm trying to get all the laundry done so that we can get packed and Mikie will have plenty of clean clothes for the week!

Ahh so much to do!


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