Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ER visit!

Last night I had a lot of pains in my left side. I was really uncomfortable and Mikie said it might be best to go and get it checked out. So I said, alright. If I wasn't pregnant I never would of gone b/c I'm used to these pains with my endometriosis.

So we packed lane a small bag with some jammies, his puppy dog and his blanket and dropped him off at mamaw's and papaw's. Mikie and I headed to Marshall to the ER.

I got lucky because there was no on in the waiting room. I hadn't even finished signing papers and they were calling me back to the room. She took all my vitals and put me in an OB room to await the doctor.

I got to do one of those great pee tests. They also took a lot of blood, did a pelvic exam and then sent me for sonograms.

The baby is in the uterus and we got to see the little round "sac" area where the baby will form. Too early to see a baby of course, but it was still kind of neat. We found the right ovary and then went searching for the left. She searched and searched...and searched some more. I was in a lot of pain as she did this, but understood it had to be done. After about 20 minutes or so she said well I just can't find it.

So we left it at that. All my blood work, pee test and such came back fine. The pelvic exam didn't show anything. So they said everything "baby" wise looks to be in the right place, so no ectopic pregnancy. I just needed to call my doctor in the morning and let them know.

So we got home around 10:30 last night. I didn't sleep worth a flip b/c my allergies/sinuses are all backed up. But I feel a bit better today, despite all the precedures that were done!


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