Monday, February 16, 2009

A happy day and a sad day!

I went to the doctor's for a checkup! The doctor did another sonogram and said that everything looks great. The baby was actively moving and the heartbeat was perfect! He didn't feel there was any problems and said he'd see me in 4 weeks were we would do the quad check. They test for downsymdrome and other things I believe. March 16th is my next doctor's appointment!

He did tell me I will not be able to travel to Ohio in July. He said that is too far away for being so close. He said it's not safe to really fly that far into the pregnancy since I am high risk. Bummer. I wont be able to see my best friend get married :(

He also told me that medicaid wont pay for anymore sonograms unless there is a medical reason. So if we want to do one later to determine the sex, we would have to pay for it 125. Mikie said we'd get the money together and the doctor told me 22-24 weeks would be the best and we'd have the best chance of finding out. That will be somewhere around the end of April/beginning of May!

He also said he likes to schedule the c-section 1 week before the due date, so that puts it on the 21st. Maybe I can convince him to do it the 19th, since the 20th is alli's birthday and the 21st is Mikie's birthday. If not, we'll shoot for the 22nd. Who knows though. I carried Lane 38w2d!!

He also told me I couldn't care for my horse because of the west nile virus! DOH! I can't even brush or pet/love on him. Hopefully when we do his coggins test we can get the shot for him as well then I should be ok to be around him.

Also, my sad news :( I haven't see my cat since Friday afternoon. It's not like her to disappear for this long. I, of course fear the worst. Mikie went out yesterday and didn't find her on the side of the road anywhere. I went out today and didn't find her. I'm going to ask around to the neighbors later when everyone gets home from work. *sigh* I love that cat. I hope that another animal didn't get her and I dearly hope someone didn't shoot her. She's spayed and up to date with her shoots. She wasn't feral and as far as I know, she didn't bother anyone. Blah. I'm sad :(



pollinator said...

The good news outweighs the bad news. Stay healthy. Your cat will come home soon.

Ninibi said...

I'm really glad your sonogram went well -that is good news.

I hope your cat turns up ok, though! That is sad news indeed.