Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lane and the ER!!

On monday afternoon Lane was helping clean up his toys. He was using his front end loader and his dump truck to clean up his thomas the train tracks (hey whatever gets him cleaning) and he laid down on the floor and started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said "it hurts". I figured he pinched his fingers or something. I went over and picked him up and he started screaming louder "it hurts it hurts". I asked him where it hurt and he said his neck. I put him gently on the couch and gave him some tylenol. I thought well maybe he pinched a nerve or he got a neck cramp.

Mikie came home about 30 minutes later. Lane didn't get off the couch to see him. Mikie came over and kissed him and laid on the couch with him for a bit. He watched cartoons and just laid there.

I fixed dinner, chicken fried deer steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and biscuits. Lane loves that. He didn't even want to get off the couch. For anyone that knows my child, KNOWS that is not normal! He doesn't refuse to eat or just lay around watching tv.

We debating about taking him to the ER. Lane got very upset when I mentioned the doctor, so we just left it alone. At 7 I gave him some motrin b/c he said it still hurt and he woudln't move his head to the other side.

We decided not to give him a bath and put him in his jammies at 8:30pm and into bed. Around 9:30 he woke up crying. We thought he had a bad dream, so Mikie laid with him and he went back to sleep. At 10:30 he woke up again screaming. We decided to take him to the doctors this time!

I took him to the ER and we waited in the waiting room for 45 minutes. When we went into the first room, where they check your vitals, ask you a bunch of questions and so on, Lane got hysterical. He didn't want anyone to touch him nor look at him. We were finally able to get his weight and pulse oxy and then they put us in a room. I decided to see if I could get him to lay down b/c I thought it would make it a bit easier for the doctor to look him over if he wasn't stuck to me.

The doctor came in and he got very upset. He was able to examine him and felt he had something called "Torticollius". It's a neck spasm in the neck and it causes pain and stiffness. They gave him tylenol with codine for the pain and some prednizone. They always wanted to take some x-rays to make sure it was nothing else.

About 30 minutes after the medicine, Lane perked up. We got to take his "pictures" 5 times and he thought he looked pretty good since he just had his haircut! Everything tuned out ok with the x-rays. He just needed some rest! But of course he was all wired up b/c of the medicine! YIKES! He was VERY chatty!

On the way home (we were there about 3 hours), I called my bro. He was on his way to go squirrel hunting with a buddy. He talked me half way home. Then it started to rain really hard so I got off the phone so I could pay attention to the road and the rain!

It was after 3 am once we got home and into bed. What a LONG night. Lane felt better yesterday. Still a little stiff but much better.

Poor kiddo!


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