Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just rambling!

Today is Thursday. It's a beautiful day outside and I'm bored! LOL. I watched "The Namesake" this morning. It was good. Better than I had expected actually. I also watched Dirty, Sexy, Money and Lipstick Jungle from last night. Both are headed in a really nice direction. I think my shows are going to be pretty darn good this season.

I've been working on my pinwheel sweater. As I feel the temperature cooling down, I feel the need to get it done. I'm 2 rows away from starting my last color. So I'm about 20 rows total from having the sweater done. Then I will need to add the loopy edging and the sleeves and it will be ready to wear! The colors are beautiful. I'm very pleased. It's going to be very bright, BUT that's the "in" thing I guess. It will be nice to have to wear around the house or when I go out before it gets too cold.

I've gotten the yarn to make 3 of the 7 pairs of clogs I have planned for christmas. Those will be next on the list and are usually pretty easy/quick to knit.

I think I'm going to go ride tonight. I haven't since Monday and I want to keep going 3-4 nights a week while the weather is nice. Once it gets a bit colder, it may only be 2 nights a week as I hate to be cold :)

We are going to the Linden cowboy gathering rodeo this weekend. I'm excited. There is stick horse races for the kids and mutten busting. I don't think Lane is ready for that yet, but maybe in another year or so. It will be something fun to do with the family. Mikie has worked for almost an entire month straight. The money is good, but we miss him!

Alright back to doing a bit more laundry and reading Twenty Wishes. It's good so far. Just have been knitting more than reading. My shows are back on, gives me more time to knit!


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