Friday, October 17, 2008

A week of catching up!

I haven't blogged in a week! It didn't help that I was in San Antonio and didn't do much on the computer! :)

We drove down to San Antonio last thursday. We left around 9 am and got there around 4pm. It's a long drive, but we managed. We rested thursday evening and Lane was glad to see his moomaw, poopaw and his aunt caiti!

Friday, Lane was able to go swimming for about 45 minutes. It was around 92, but it was breezy and the water was around 78. So it's not MY kind of swimming, but Lane was happy with it. We went to a La Vernia Bears (aunt Caiti's HS) football game. Lane had never been to a football game! GO BEARS GO!!! He really liked the cheerleaders and tried to imitate them! He caught some candy and a little blue football! He was able to enjoy lots of great cousine as well! The nachos were his favorite!

Saturday morning we went to Michaels. They had their "look-a-like" pumpkins for 5 dollars! But the neat thing was, they had a table set up were the kids/anyone could decorate their pumpkins for free! They had eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, gauze, glue, scissors, you name it. Lane had a BLAST decorating his pumpkin! I took a few pictures of all the fun he had!

Saturday night we went to the peanut feastival. Lane said he didn't want to go but boy did he have such a good time! I didn't bring my camera though :( He was able to ride a kiddie rollacoaster, swings, car ride and a few others. He had SUCH a good time. He even eat funnel cake and his poopaw bought him a glow in the dark sword! WOW!!

Sunday and Monday was much more relaxed. We just sat around, recouperating from all the excitement. He didn't get to swim as it was much cooler these 2 days!

Tuesday morning we headed home! Once again it's a long drive so I was glad to be home!

Wednesday I worked at our pumpkin patch! I sold about 12 pumpkins, which isn't bad considering it was during the day (12-3pm) on a workday!

Yesterday it rained.. and rained. We headed out to best buy and bought me a new computer! We put an ad on craiglist for my old computer and someone seems to be interested in it! Now I'll have to get a monitor and speakers since I'm using my old computer's stuff until we sold it!

Today is Friday! I'm headed to Marshall to do the grocery shopping and get then it'll be time to come back and get the house cleaned up. I've kind of let it go this week. It's been a long week :)

So there's my catchup! I'll try to upload a couple of pictures of Lane. Fall is coming, that means it's going to get cold. ICK!


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