Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cowboy gathering rodeo and twenty wishes book!

We went to the piney woods cowboy gathering rodeo last night in Linden. It was soo much fun! I saw events I'd never seen before.

Wild cow milking
Muddy barrel pickup?

LOL. It was great! My father in law's neighbor, Justin participated in one of the teams. So we had a team to root for! The events were not your normal rodeo events, but they were hilarious! The last event, was the surprise event and trying to watch these guys get their horses around a barrel and pick up another guy was great. They definitely could use some work on their barrel patterns! I think I want to learn to rope calves. I'm not sure about wrestling them to the ground, but hey you never know!

Twenty wishes by Debbie Macomber was a great book. Her books are always so warm and heartfelt. The twenty wishes is similar to a bucket lists. Things you want to do/accomplish! The 4 ladies in the story were all widows and they made lists of things they wanted to do. It was a way to deal with their grief and find a way to move on and be happy. I definitely recommend this book for anyone that wants a good, warm story!

My back is bothering me today. I think I pinched a nerve in the lower left side. It hurts so sit, stand, lay down, just about anything. Mikie is working today so it's making it difficult to do much for Lane. Poor kiddo!

Tomorrow is Monday! Lane and I leave for San Antonio on Thursday! We will be spending a couple days visiting my parents and sister! Lane is excited! Hopefully it'll be warm enough he can swim a little bit. He loves to swim!


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