Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder about our local hopsital...

Yesterday I was having some lower pelvic pain. I thought maybe I had a bladder infection. It's hard to tell if I'm going more frequently since I drink more water than a camel!!! I called Mikie and had him meet me up at the Emergency room, I left Lane with his mamaw and papaw!

I was taken right in and since I wasn't 20 weeks yet, I wasn't allowed to just be taken to the OB floor (why the heck not?). So I was put into a room, which was very hot! The doctor came in to see me and asked me a bunch of questions. I explained to him it wasn't cramping just an ache/pain in my lower belly.

Mikie came in not long after that and the doctor returned. He did a quick ultrasound, found the baby with a heartbeat and moving. He wasn't good enough to tell the sex of the baby though. He did a pelvic exam and took some cultures and checked my cervix. They didn't have my "stickers" for my cultures so they just left them. Finally after an hour, a nurse comes in with my stickers and takes my cultures. By now it's after 6pm (I got there at 4:15pm). So we wait, in a hot room. Finally at 7:30 they come in to tell me I have a bacterial infection. He looks me in the eyes and says we think you have a STD. I'm like uhhh wth? Don't you have to be DOING that to get one of those? He said well yes, but we wont know for sure so we're going to give you a shot of antibiotics b/c your white blood cells are high down there. You can call us in Tuesday to find out the results for sure.

So I'm left boggled. We haven't done much of anything since the bleeding for my cervix. I'm too concerned to do much of anything and being so tired all the time, it doesn't occur to me.

Yeah. So. The last time I went to the ER I was told I lost a baby. The next day I go and find out, no in fact, the bleeding wasn't even coming from my uterus. It was my from my cervix. I'm not sure they know their head from a hole in the ground.

Monday I plan to call my doctor and tell him what's going on. He can pull my ER charts and look it over himself. If I'm still hurting, I'm going to ask him to check things out. *Boggle* Sometimes I just don't know!!!