Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So very happy!

Lane has been potty trained during the day for months now, but the night has been harder. He goes to bed at 8:30 and sleeps until 8 or so. He always seems to sleep so hard! He never manages to wake up to use the bathroom. We haven't pushed the issue, he's only 4 and his ped. said it's not a big concern yet.

Well last night, at 4 am I heard him come out of his room. He stood in the hallway and called my name. I of course asked what was wrong, he said he needed to go potty! I said well go man! I got out of bed and he went potty! He then climbed back up into his bed, I covered him up and back to sleep he went!

When he got dressed this morning, he was dry! Maybe this means he's starting to "listen" to his body even when he's sleeping! I'm so excited. He usually wears a pullup to bed, but it would be great to be out of all those before the new baby comes!

We tried putting him in underwear a few months back, but we spent a week or two with nightly wettings, sometimes two times a night. It was obvious he just wasn't ready!

Here's to drier nights, we hope!


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