Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 and a half months!

Today I'm 22 weeks or 5 and a half months. I'm definitely feeling pregnant! Some of the aches and pains have started to go away (praise God for that!). The heartburn has started, which is always a lovely feeling! The baby kicks all the time and Mikie is amused to sit and watch my belly move. Lane has felt the baby move once and he wanted to know if the baby was jumping up and down! He was even concerned enough to ask me if it hurt!

The weather has surely gotten warm here. It was near 90. I finally had to turn the AC on. It was 82 in the house. I just can't handle that. I try, very hard to not turn on the air/heat if we don't really need it. Between Lane and the dogs running in and out of the house, it easier just to leave things open. But when you start to sweat, just sitting on the couch, it's time to turn it on :)

My bro will be here in a little over 2 weeks. We're excited to see him. It'll be nice having him closer and being able to see him more. He will also be here to see the new baby arrive in August, which I think he'll enjoy. He really enjoy's Lane! I just hope that moving back in with Mom and Dad for a bit while he gets himself on his feet wont be too hard of an adjustment. Caiti is so used to being an only child.

I am finally getting my groove with the "couponing" that everyone is doing. I found a GREAT website that really helps out and I'm always finding good deals and freebies. I found out that Saturday at Toys R Us they are having a big Thomas the Train event for the kiddos. There will be story time, activies, coloring stuff and giveaways. We plan to take Lane and maybe Alli and Aj to go see Thomas. I need to go to Longview anyway, so this just gives us more of a reason. I think Lane will really enjoy it! But I've been cutting/clipping coupons and searching for the best deals. I'm still not as good as the coupon mom or frugal coupon living is BUT, I'm getting there :)

Today is a beautiful day. Hopefully we can get the wheels off the tractor and we can get the yard mowed. I figure we'll be bailing hay before it's all over! I hate feeling as though I can't help out around here! So much to do and Mikie has been working long days. Not a lot of energy to do the things around the house that I simply can't do! Maybe we could clone him? Nah one hubby is enough :)


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