Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Lane seems to be enjoying his rainy easter! The Easter Bunny brought him an "easter wheel barrow" filled with candy and bubble stuff. He's quite pleased about it all. We haven't gotten to hunt easter eggs yet b/c the silly easter bunny hid them outside and it's been pouring rain this morning! By the looks of it, the dogs helped themselves to some of the eggs as well! He hunted Easter Eggs yesterday at church, so it's not a total loss!

I go see the doctor tomorrow for my 5 month checkup (I'm 20w3d today). When I spoke to him Friday, he was still concerned about the pain I was experiencing. He did NOT receive my results from my cultures when I went to the ER. Tomorrow before my appointment I'm going down to see if I can get those results before I see him. Then we can discuess what is or is not happening. He mentioned possible bedrest.

Keep us in your prayers as this pregnancy continues to be difficult! I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and to remember the reason we are truly celebrating! Jesus Lives!!


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pollinator said...

Your Ohio relatives are praying for you and Emily. I showed grandma and grandpa the pictures of Lane in the flowers. Grandma was amused!