Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Wanted Man - Linda Lael Miller

This book is also 2nd in a series (The Stone creek series). I liked it VERY much. I loved the first book ,which I read a couple of weeks ago. Rhowdy was a character that was saw briefly in the first book. His story continues when he takes a job as Marshal in Stone Creek where he meets Lark ( I love that name). Lark has plenty of secrets of her own which Rhowdy finds interesting as he has some ghosts in his cloest as well!

The two of them dance around their secrets until finally Lark's secret comes to light. Which she's none too happy about. Rhowdy lays out all his secrets once he figures he's going to jail for the rest of his life (something about being locked up/seperated that makes people want to confess).

Gideon (Rhowdy's brother) is great in this story. I'd love to see a book about him going after Lydia later (hopeless romantic, I know).

The next book The Rustler comes out in October. It features one of Rhowdy's brother's, one of which we didn't meet. Another outlaw, I'm sure this will be good :) When bad boys turn good! Ohhh I love a good Romantic Western!


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