Monday, September 29, 2008


My neighbor has cats..lots of them. They reproduce and she shoves them outside. Today when I went to take some garbage out to the trash can, this little kitten came running up to Lane. Buster was barking and this kitten didn't know to be scared. I remembered that the little girl from across the street came over and told me that one of her mommy cats had 7 kittens. So this must be the outcome of this.

I looked around and didn't see any of the other kittens, so I picked it up and it immediatly started trying to suck on my finger. I guesstamate that they are about 3-4weeks old. I walked over to their house to knock on the door to see if maybe this one had escaped. No answer. I went around to the front and there were 3 other kittens along with 2 others that were from another litter (they are probably 4-6 months old).

Lane was upset b/c I wouldn't bring the kittens home. I was upset too b/c the family just shoved these kittens outside, like all the others. But I couldn't explain to him that we already have 3 dogs and 1 cat, and that the dogs wont take well to other kittens. Plus we really don't have the resources (or the house) to take care of them.

I called around. I can't find anyone to take them/help me. I was told it's best to leave them for a couple more weeks to let them ween if they can. I don't feel comfortable approaching the neighbor about these cats, but if my count is right, there are atleast 10-15 cats/kittens across the street. They will just continue to reproduce!

I'm not sure what I'll do. But something has to be done. Maybe I can find a spay/neuter clinic that will atleast take care of the females. That would stop a lot of the production.. Across the street atleast.


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pollinator said...

Contact Best Friends Animal Sactuary; maybe they can help.