Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 and Lane's 4th birthday!

So today being 9-11 in all, I thought I'd post a little bulletin. When I heard about the first plane I was at George Mason University, my sophomore year. I was getting ready for my Art class. I watched it on my computer (the news report). I was a bit confused because my full focus wasn't on the news. I had a big day in my art class (they are 3 hours long) and mentally I just wasn't there. I pushed it aside and figured it was a pilot error, someone hitting the twin towers.

I get to my class and everyone is talking. I catch whispers of what is going on but I'm still getting my stuff out and preparing for class. My teacher walks in and she's looking around at everyone. She starts talking about what is going on and everyone starts talking all at once. It's not long before my cell phone starts to vibrate and it's my dad. I thought he was at home. He had gone to the office (not far from the pentagon).

He's asking me if I watched the news, if I knew what was going on. He says he can hear/see all the stuff near the pentagon. He tells me he may be "stuck" in DC. I ask if I need to come get him. He tells me I might. He'll let me know. I try to make other phone calls, but I can't get my cell phone to work. I finally get through to someone, I don't remember. Maybe my mom, maybe mikie.

Classes are canceled for the rest of the day. I sit in my dorm room, alone and watch everything on my computer (I had a tvcard). My dad finally calls or gets through and tells me he's found a way home, not to worry.

Everyone is in shock on campus. They opened up the theater so people can sit together and just watch....

But on the flip side to it all. I've been to the twin tours before they fell. My brother, sister and I have this really great picture standing with them in the background. I've taken Mikie to ground zero.

My kiddo, Lane was born 4 years ago today. He was 2 weeks early. I labored for almost 24 hours and finally they did a c-section!

If you would of told me I would of had a kiddo born on 9-11, I would of laughed at you. We even put beats on the day it would happen. Adam (mikie's bro) won.

So the morale of my long winded story/recollection is that. God takes life and God gives life.

Take a moment to remember where you were this day and at this time. A remember to give thanks.


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Em said...

Happy Birthday Lane!!!!