Monday, September 29, 2008

A horse!

I've wanted a horse for a while now. But I realized we didn't have a place ready for one and really no money to run out and buy a good horse. I've always wanted a golden palomino. I just love the blond mane and it would look so pretty in my pink tack!!!

Well my father in law told me he would "sell" me the horse I've been riding off and on for 5 years now. He's name's Vandle. He's a 13 year old sorrel horse. He's always been good to me and we work well together! I've been getting all the paperwork together and everything is about ready to be sent off. I'll be the proud owner of a horse!

We have to finish paying the IRS off and get the flooring and inside doors for the addition and then it will be complete (with the exception of some of the buidins Mikie plans to do so we wont have to have computere desks in there). Then we can start cleaning up the back lot (which is almost an acre and has lots of big beautiful trees) and get a fence and a barn built. I'm so excited!

I really enjoy riding and my step-mother-in-law (that's a mouth full) really likes to read too. We want to do some trail rides in the area and ride in some grand enteries at some of the local rodeos. I'd even like to go to the Marshall play days and see what those are all about as well!

I'm a little saddle sore from riding yesterday, but not too bad. The weather is cooling off so it's nice to go ride in the evenings. I hope I can make a habit of it. It's good to get out. Once the weather turns cold (anything under 65 is cool to me!) I'll be stuck in the house a lot more. This time of year makes me sad.


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Ninibi said...

ha that is great!! congrats! :D