Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav is coming!

Gustav is coming!

Since I am so not near the coast, I didn't figure we had much to be concerned about with Gustav. Well evidently I was wrong. We are under a tropical storm advisory. They except us to get winds from 40-60mph. They expect lots of rain and all the good stuff. Hmm. That just kind of boggles my mind I guess.

I guess I'll make up some taco salad tomorrow and have it in the fridge and ready for Tuesday. Just incase we lose power or something. Then I wont have to try to figure out what to put together for dinner, in the dark no less.

So all the hotels in the area are all booked up. They are evacuating people from New Orleans (almost 3 years since Katrina). It seems like they are a bit more prepared this time. Only time will tell!

Wonder if maybe we should build a boat. Danie's ark or something?

Good thing I'm a swimmer, right?


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Em said...

Be safe and let us know how things work out!!!