Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bones and A good year.

I decided to try a new series. I picked up the first dvd of Bones from Netflix. I watched all 4 episodes the other night. I was hooked. I got disc 2 today which had episodes 5 and 6 on it. I had it watched and taken back up to the post office before last pickup so I could impaitently wait for the next disc. I really like the series!

Tonight Mikie and I finally sat down and watched (or attempted to) A good year with Russel Crowe. We watched over and hour of it and I finally looked at Mikie and said, is it me or is this just boring? I kept waiting for something to happen. Other than him being a womanizer, NOTHING would happen. I was really disappointed. I always like Russel Crow!

Sokay I'll send that one back and get the next 2 dvds of bones! I can't wait!


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Em said...

I have to disagree with you, I loved that movie!!! I think he was a pig but it was great story...but I usually love movies no one else likes, so maybe I am not who should be commenting on movies :)