Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Julie's bedset!

I found the bedset that I abosoluately love! I first found it on Ebay and then emailed the company and found out it was a new item and wouldn't avaiable for 60-90 days. I showed it to my step mother in law b/c I knew she had been looking at bedding as well.

She calls me today and tells me to check my email! To my surprise, she has pre-ordered the bedset and the rest of the room. I think she got everything short of having them come put it all in the room and paint the walls! Julie is going to be sleeping/living in style! What a lucky girl she is!

Here is a link to the bedset. It's beautiful and I can't wait to get it. It supposed to ship at the end of June! That will give us time to pick out the perfect color of paint to do her walls as well!


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