Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Items I have vs What I need

What I have:
Porta crib
Bath tub
Bobby Pillow

What I need:
Breast Pump
Car Seat (infant)
Diaper Bag

I am currently working on Baby Regestries for Walmart and Target.



Shandeh said...

About the breast pump....I would recommend finding a lactation consultant in your area that is associated with La Leche League. I had one with my third baby, and rented a WONDERFUL electric breast pump from her.

I was able to pump TWO eight ounce bottles every day during my lunch break. It would have been impossible to do that with one of the manual pumps I had tried with my first two babies.

Alliree said...

I bought the medela double electric pump on ebay and just replaced the attatchments. It was a pretty good buy.