Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinner at the Magic Time Machine!

We all went to eat at the Magic Time Machine on Sunday for Mom's birthday. It's defintiely an experience. If you're ever in Dallas or San Antonio, you definitely need to make a trip there. The food isn't anything to write home about but the experience is amazing. Harry Potter was our waiter.
Lane got a "magic potion" to drink and first wouldn't even try the drink. It bubbled and fizzed and later he thought it was really cool. A balloon lady came back and did balloon animals for us. Lane wanted a sword, Caiti got a ladybug bracelet and mom got a teddy bear. Lane has been running around with his sword all week!
Since it was mom's birthday, she received a special "hat". It's made out of aluminium foil. It's supposed to be a hershey kiss. She really enjoyed it I think. They even made her a special dessert and they sang to her!
For dinner, we all had the "Roman orgy". Definitely an experience. They bring out plates and plates of food. Chicken, ribs, brisket, corn, potatoes, carrots and lots of fruits. I couldn't believe all the food they brought out. We had to take a lot of it home too!
I do believe, everyone had a great time. I hope that we get to go back sometime as they try to keep current with their characters! It'll be neat to see who/what else is new!

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