Friday, May 15, 2009

Julie Amber...

I think we have agreed on a name! Julie Amber or "hamburger" as Lane thought he said! It was really cute and hopefully that nickname wont stick. Mom says that even though it's funny, it is about right since she weighs around 1lb4ozs (according to her measurements). Kids are so funny!

Last night I was doing something and didn't hear Lane and he scared me! I turned around and said wow, Lane you scared the bajeebeeze outta me! He laughed and thought I was funny. Tonight, I went by his room and he goes "mom you scared the "jeanies" outta me!" Ahhhh kiddos are so funny!

My step mother-in-law and my mom are already out shopping for Julie! She's going to have a new outfit for everyday for the first year or so! Karon (my step MIL) bought Julie her first pair of cowgirl boots. They are hot pink john deeres. They are just TOO cute! My mom has been buying diapers (gotten some awesome deals lately) and some other outfits. They are just over the moon!

I've gotten my registry set up at and I found a bedset I really like, but it's not currently in stock. I emailed the company to see if they will be getting anymore in. If not, I'll print out the picture and use it for inspiration. Mikie's nana said she'd sew a set together (I have a pattern from my nephew's bedset) if I was able to get the materials I want.

I hit 25 weeks yesterday. My back hurts all the time! I've been told to stay off my feet. That's so much easier said then done!

Off to take my bath and curl up with a movie or a book!


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