Thursday, May 7, 2009

My bro will be here soon!

My brother is finally going to make his move from Virginia to Texas! We've been waiting for this for a long time, but the time was just never right! He will be leaving Friday, with his friend Jared and two dogs for the drive. They will leave after my bro finishes court on Friday. It'll take about 22 hours, give or take! He's hoping to be here Saturday around 2 or so!

I think it will be good for him to finally be down here with family. It will be an adjustment though, him moving back in with mom and dad. It will only be a temporary thing until after he's able to secure a job and find a place to live. It will also ensure that his dogs are taken care of if he's away at an acedemy. He's hoping to become a Texas State Trooper!

Lane is very excited to see his uncle Travis! He's been asking how many night sleeps it will be. That's how Lane figures time, the amount of nights he has to sleep in order for something to happen. Pretty good for a 4 year old!

Travis and Jared will stay until Tuesday morning. Then they will make the 7 hour drive to mom and dad's. It works out well b/c I have my sonogram on Monday. Travis has offered to watch Lane and cook dinner that night. What more can ya ask for?! LOL.

So today, I start doing the cleaning. I'm planning to steam clean the living room carpet and get the living room dusted and cleaned up. Since I'm limited as to what I'm allowed to do, that's about all I'll probably get done.

Tomorrow I will be enrolling Lane in school for the fall. He'll be in the pre-k class. He's very excited to go! We've been working his hooked on phonics, so hopefully he'll have a headstart when it's time to go. I also have to do some grocery shopping and my hope is to get the bathrooms cleaned.

Saturday my plan is to mow the grass before they arrive and straighten up. We'll see how things go though. I can't do too much. He may just have to deal with it :)

It's Thursday and Mikie is working today!! Thank you God!!! Hopefully the weather will shape up and these "jobs" that have been in the works will start to pop up! We really need the money to pay those bills!

Off to steam clean the living room carpet!!


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kayjaycee said...

Danielle - My name is Karen and I'm the assistant coordinator of the Longview Project Linus group. Loved - loved - loved your oddball blankets. I pickup the blankets, sew on the Project Linus label, and then transport them to Donnie our local coordinator who will distribute them to local hospitals and other groups. I'm sure these will go to either Good Shepherd or Longview Regional Hospital. Although we don't get to see our blankets distributed we often hear good reports back from the nursing staff of the response when given. Thanks to all your group - makes me want to learn to KNIT!!!