Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanking our blessings!

The last two months, things have been hit and miss with work. Today is June 1st and we've been hoping and praying that things would start to look up. We've been taping out resources trying to make all the ends meet and still maintain all the things we want and like.

Mikie started a job today that's for a 6,000 sq foot house. That's not small, nor is it huge, BUT it means there's atleast 3 days worth of work for them (not in a row). Today they are going to form it up and form up a small addition on another job. He's got a driveway to form up and pour tomorrow and hopefully Wednesday the plumbers will be out of one of the jobs they started today and they can continue on one of those.

I also got a call about the 2 computers we had listed on craigslist (we currently have 3 desktops and 1 laptop). Someone is coming to buy both of them tomorrow! That will help!! Mikie wants a laptop to replace his desktop and the extra money will help to pay a few more bills (my car needs an inspection, oil change and registration).

So! I am hoping that means that things are going to start to look up! We need things to start to work out! LOL!

One breath at a time, one step at a time and one day at a time! That's all anyone can do and it doesn't do much good to continue to worry about things I have no control over! So, today I would like to say Thank you God my hubby has work and it looks like we've sold two computers! Just a monitor left to sell!


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