Monday, June 8, 2009

Making julie some things!

The excitment over having a girl is almost overwhelming! There are all these fun things I can make for a girl that I couldn't do for Lane!! I started crochet beads on the cuff of socks for her this week. I have 10 pairs (size 0-6 months) to do. So far I have 4 pairs completed (red, green, blue and pink). I plan to do 6 more! The smaller crochet hook hurts my hands after a while so I can only do a pair at a time.

I also bought this really cute cowgirl vest and booty set that I'm working on. It's the faux suede yarn and it's really neat. This will be my first attempt at doing a crochet project besides my prayer shawls. I hope it turns out ok! I figure if I can't figure it out, I'll take it to Nana and she'll crochet it up for me! :)

I had my 28week checkup today. My belly is measuring good, I only gained 1.5lbs from last visit (25lbs total now). My glucose test was good and my blood pressure was very good! Julie's heartbeat was 154 bps. I start going every two weeks now! So far so good!


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