Sunday, June 14, 2009

Church baby shower!

The UMW and the Prayer Shawl Ministries group threw me a baby shower today! There was so much pink! It was awesome! The cake was so cute! The frosting was hot pink! There was probably 10-15 of us there! It was so great! Emma Rose also made her grand entrance, which was adorable! I hated that I couldn't hold her b/c I've got a cold and I didn't want to share it with her!

I received lots of clothes, a diaper bag, stroller, diapers, wipes, bottles, towels, wash clothes, towels, toys, just to name a few :-P Julie's closet is almost full of stuff for the first year!

I hope to post some pictures once I get them from Paula! I had such a great time and need to start working on my thank you notes. I've updated my baby registry as well! I'll make a post of the things I still need as well!


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